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Welcome to L2Black!






We are very excited to finally announce L2Black, Gracia Final, all settings on the official server!






There are additional epic cloaks that drop from epic bosses with a 50% chance! 


Experience: 3x
Skill Points: 3x
Adena Drop: 1x
Item Drop: 1x
Seal Stones Drop: 1x
Raid/Epic Boss Experience: 1x
Raid/Epic Boss Skill Points: 1x
Raid/Epic Boss Drop: 1x

Quest Item Drop Rate:

Gather the Flames: 1x
Relics of the Old Empire: 1x
Alliance with Varka Silenos: 1x
Alliance with Ketra Orcs: 1x
War with Ketra: 1x
War with Varka: 1x
Third Class Quests: 1x
Seekers of the Holy Grail: 1x
Guardians of the Holy Grail: 1x
The Finest Food: 1x
Four Goblets: 1x
Legacy of Insolence: 1x
Exploration of the Giants' Cave, Part I & II: 1x
Coins of Magic: 1x

Other Quests: 1x

Respawn epics boss:


161-f87226d3b744370f70cfbf169ebd77de.pngAnt Queen –  lvl 40, Respawn 24 h + 0-6 h random.

162-b882d1f72ad8ea64c45e0cecea3de074.pngOrfen – lvl 50, Respawn 30 h + 0-6 h random.

160-8127358ef480fd2c97c8a4ea196eea36.pngCore –  lvl 50, Respawn 30 h + 0-6 h random.

165-75ff7d90ed88fbebd8f7433aee1475e0.pngBaium –  Lvl 75, Respawn 5 day + 0-8 h random.

Item_10314.jpgBeleth –  Lvl 87 , Respawn 11 days.

167-453bc56ff8ee465afe5bdc4bfad9b5c9.pngValakas –  Lvl 85, Respawn 11 days.

166-2855f97fb1d9e15ca8296825c9577a7f.pngAntharas –  Lvl79, Respawn 8 day + 8 h random.

164-aec88539120882022ddee2c35be88817.pngFrintezza Lvl 85, 48 h + 0-2 h random.

163-37a9197d9bf3b2468f378221642a4708.pngZaken Lvl 60, 60 h + 8 h random.

Beta Testing: 08.05.2021

Grand Opening: 14.05.2021

Visit as at https://l2black.net/en

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On 5/6/2021 at 9:09 AM, xsatoshi said:

Decent website. Curious if you will have international players other than Russian on the server? Would just make a char to find out before I really cave into

We try to attract an international audience. Thanks for the compliment.
If you can suggest how to do this more efficiently, that would be great.

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