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XP/SP x5000

Custom Zones

Unique Farm System

Gm Shop, Special Shop, Global GK, Buffer

FA Quest

Starting Gear

Safe Enchant +7, max enchant with normal/blessed scrolls +25, Crystal Scrolls +35

Olympiad Every Week

Sieges Every Month

Events: TvT, Korean TvT, DeathMatch

Tvt and Korean Tvt everyday, DeathMatch once in a week.

You can have all actives at once + 1 passive

pvp/pk score replay in your title, and nick colors change by amount of your pvp score.




Server Open Date: 09/05/2021 18:00 GMT +4

Website la2equinox.net

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Put some more details it could help you get more players for your project.

Moved to Previews Servers.

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