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EN Sharing pics from my L2 card/coupons from JP/KR/CN/NA..

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So well, I felt like I could share some pictures of my Lineage II card/coupons from around the globe, most of them from JP, KR and CN.


They have no value, since they expired a long time ago, but you could see what kind of "rewards" they were getting in those countries at the time L2 was a big hit. Will put them on "Spoiler" tag for an easy read.


Don't be too hard on me, it is like the first post with some meaning I do in this forum hahahaha.

Also, looking for those 20 posts for the marketplace!!


These are from the JP master box of C5 and Interlude.




This is from the "Prime Edition" of Korea, limited to 2000 units, with a HUGE Artbook of 300+ full color pages.




One card, two pictures. You will remember the 2 elves from an oficial video. CN card from an event.




These two big guys need no presentation. KR cards from the FUNPLE collections.




NA cards from the Lineage II Presale box (I bet some of you might have seen them).




NA cards, from some kind of event, don't have more info.




More FUNPLE cards from KR (Did you recognise anyone?)




These are from KR, for some kind of package from begginers.




I have even more, if you like them, I will try to upload more of them.


Thanks and I hope you like any of these cards.


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