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Opening May 15 at 19:00 (UTC +3)
Open Beta Test from May 10


Hello everyone!
Summer is coming, and with it the start of a NEW season on Lineage2dex.com!
For those who follow our project, it is no secret about the upcoming new summer season. Today we are ready to give an official announcement with the date / time of the start image.gif.7bed2b8a3818a2f9ae3c134e31c6a367.gif

  • Opening date/time - May 15 19:00 (UTC +3)
  • Open Beta - From May 10

For new players, a few words about Dex project:
Our servers are the longest-lived among of all free servers with a similar setup - Interlude Craft-PvP. Each time we are trying to bring something new, and more interesting, and keep spirit of Nanna-style server at the same time with classic Interlude rules and mechanics.
We have season system on project. Each ~4 month we open New season - where people who are interested in a competitive game mode can start from zero on an equal conditions.
Usual first 2-3 month server on an active stage, where we have on Epic 500+ ppl in one time. After, we make merging with our main server - Union.
With this system, you don't have to worry about the safety of your characters and equipment. We dont make any wipes.

About Union server - its our main server one year old. Its server better for players who like stable not rush game play. When u can play today, than rest few months, return it any time and continue play with your characters image.gif.1540d8369d67be1892ca8dc0036e2142.gif
After last merging for example we have on epics near 200 ppl in one time. Its always good populated and interesting for playing server.

But now we recommend and its good time to planing start on fresh new server - May 15.

Full server description you can find in this topic (also will be available from game in ALT+B):
Full server Description Interlude x50 (Merged server) - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2 Classic | Interlude

On the suggestions from players, we are making some global changes on Summer season server:

  • New site - new web panel
  • On summer season we will open a market for players. Where you can legal trade in game items with other players for real money
  • Will be clan limit (this we will discuss with CLs before server start)
  • Remove subclass limitation rules (Elven phantom ranger incoming)
  • Add pvp enchantment for all A/B-Grade weapons. Add pvp enchantment for Armors
  • Rework castle skills and castle merchant's assortment of goods
  • More arenas for Grand Olympiad (from high-five)
  • Change masterwork bonus for some items (as example Demon Splinter)
  • Change the skill enchant chances and some skill enchant trees. (+30 will be slightly easier to make)
  • Usability improvement for buff-book.
  • TvT seasons with new rewards
  • Clan and fort dungeons. (simplification of raising the level of the clan) - not on server start
  • Freya epic boss (still discus this, u can leave your suggestion in our discord chanel)
  • Added talent tree for 80+ characters. Details will be in game data base ALT+B
  • Respawn Epic Time will be from 21:00 till 03:00 (UTC+3). We are sure this is the optimal time for most of our players from America and Europe.

*Server get random time from 21:00 till 03:00.

Spoiler: Example with Epic Respawn:
Queen Ant have respawn time: 24hour +/-30 min
Server put 01:00 for respan AQ. Its mean AQ will respawn by our setting in window from 00:30 till 01:30
If the server get 22:00, then AQ will respawn in window 21:30 till 22:30.

Baium (80 lvl): 120hour +(0-2hour)
For example, by random server put 23:00, its mean Baium will respawn from 23:00 till 01:00

In any time you can check respawn window in game ALT+B

We will be glad to hear any comments and suggestions on the forum and on our discord channel
- Join discord

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Dear friends!
We are introducing a Loyalty Program for streamers who shows the in-game world situation.

As a L2Dex streamer you will get the gifts listed below every week:

  • 2832
     Certificate for 7 days (Premium Account)
  • 2833
     Modern Buff Book 7 days
  • 3204-a2085b26e79ae4f5d480707ec64a1210.jpg
     x20 Medal of Glory (2000 Fame points)

Conditions for streamers:

  1. Your stream must contain Lineage2Dex.com in its title and L2Dex banner or logo in its window.
  2. All the streamed materials have to be saved!
  3. 20 hours of transmission per week grants a gift

*If streams will be low quality, or in AFK mode just in town or some locations. Player will be deleted from Streamer role.
So please, ppl who just want free items and don't want to make any content, avoid this Event.

Spoiler: Banners and logos

In order to get the gift-code for streamers you will have to message @Jam on Discord with a link to your streaming channel and ask for reward.
Gift given each Monday.

This code you can activate in web panel here:


You can activate it for any character or gift it to your friend.

Also, streamers can request a special role in Discord. You can add your channel on your Discord account and othe people on our Discord will see when u start transmission, it can helps you with viewers.

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  • Vision changed the title to [L2OFF] Lineage2DEX.com Opening 15 May

Dear friends, May 10 at 20:00 (UTC +3) will be available access for our test server.

UTC+3 - exact time now - Time.is


During beta test will be available OBT Manager (NPC Eva) in Giran with all necessary items for test.

We run 7signs in 3h cycle. So you can register and test it.

We strongly recommend visiting beta. Check the concept of the server before it start. View the NPC Buffer, Shop, Services.






For participation in our Open Beta you can use your old Master Accounts(web account).

But you need to create new Game Account fore NEW Interlude x50 server on your Control Panel.


If you don't play in our project before - register new Master Account


Download links:



Full Game Client  (torrent)

Full Game Client  (direct link)


  • If you download Full Game Client - just unzip it, run updater choose NEW server and click Start Game.
  • if you already have our game client - redownload updater, put it in game client. Run updater choose NEW server and click Full Check.

DON'T forget choose NEW Interlude server on Updater:



Don't forget to join in our Discord Chanel - Join the Lineage2Dex Support Discord Server!

Here you can find all important news, guides, communicate with other players and admins.


Don't forget, Open Beta test is TEST server, so please make maximum test before opening, check classes that u plan to play, check shops, mobs etc. Don't just stay in the Towns enchanting weapons image.gif.bb53609284cb0f4a940cd6f0523bafa2.gif

Have a fun!

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+15% Extra ToDs for all donations(10.05 - 15.05). Starter Packs + GIVEAWAY!

Dear players,
From today 10/05/2021 until the Grand Opening on 15/05/2021 you will get FREE 15% bonus TODs to you order!

In this thread we will show what is Starter Packs and how to get them on our new server Interlude x50.
On the website in your account you can buy a starter set. There are 3 of them, they all differ in the needs of each player. Sets are discounted.

You can buy Starter Packs ONLY ON WEB and ONLY from May 15 in Dex Strore! Strater packs not sell in game!
Buy only after you create character on Life server (15 May)




Spoiler: Gold Pack




Spoiler: Silver Pack




Spoiler: Bronze Pack

Gear Boxes contain personal items, you can't trade them or sell!
Gear Boxes not sell in game! You can get it only from starter Packs!



We are holding a NEW Giveaway in our discord channel!
This time we distribute:
3 gift-code for Golden Pack!
5 gift-codes for Silver Pack
8 gift-codes for Bronze Pack

All you need to do is:

Codes we will giveaway on the 15 May 15:00 (UTC +3)!
Good luck!

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4 hours ago, Vision said:

Moved to Private Servers.

will be nice if you move after opening . thanks 

We remind you that the opening will take place today, on May 15 at 19:00 (UTC +3)
Check current time

Countdown Clock
On 16:00 (UTC +3) We allow you to login for create character!
We have the option to RESERVE Nick Name before start. Check web panel - services.

Dear friends, this topic important! So please take time to read it.
First we want to thank all players who took part in the Open Beta testing. Thanks to all who conducted tests with us and prepared this game world!
You are amazing! image.gif.9fed7aaf5fa0db888ed0adf58fe3fd9e.gif

On 16:00 (UTC +3) We allow you to login for create character! To restrict your name and buy starter pack from DexStore (and move it on this created character before opening).
Make it before start! On start, we can have problems with WEB!

If you want, you can reserve you nickname on Web panel - Services.

Everything you need to start on the server:
It is IMPORTANT to prepare everything for starting the game RIGHT NOW, do not postpone for later, during the opening there may be problems with the web part of the project, and you simply can not register.

- Register an account

Download links:
Game Client - Torrent
download from ftp

Download archive (~6gb) unzip it, and 1 time run launcher to update files

If you already have our game client (play on our previous server) just download new updater put it on l2 folder. Run it, choose NEW server and press UPDATE
Download Updater

Detailed info how setup and prepare game client

Server Full description
Starter packs (Today last day with 15% extra TODs for each order)

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Dear fiends!
Congratulations to all with successful opening! It's really amazing!
We have some problems with website yesterday on opening, and we are sorry for this, looks like our opening pay attention on some not good ppl image.gif.09a2936db058082c4fb00d13135e1751.gif and they try to break our start.
But we have very good team, that work not first year with Lineage2. :thumbsup: And we successful defense, game start was smooth, no lags in game no DC no drops.

For now only stable work!
We all together make great work, and were able to collect a good online and best La2 community!
Like usual, we will give u more content and more game updates (sure without balance changing, only content).
And Nearest update will be in Monday - Tuesday, we prepare new content for Fortress! Soon we will announce details.

Hope our project help you a little better spend time and get some fun! Like on old good times!

- Join discord

Some screen from frist day!

Neares updates and news:
  • Today we launch TvT event
  • This evening first epics - AQ, Core, Orfen
  • On Monday start 7s registration
  • Start Giran Harbor Fair from Monday (Auctions start in 22:00 in Giran Harbor, each day from May 17)
  • New content for Fortress - Dungeons where you can get Blood Oath / Fame

Full server Description Interlude x50 (Summer season) - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2 Classic | Interlude

Rates: Exp/SP: x50 Adena: x15-30 Drop: х20 Spoil: x10 SealStones: x10 RB Exp/SP: х10 RB Drop: ~x5 Epic Rb Drop: x1 Quest: x1 (reward. rate and drop of popular quests has been changed) Quests with increased rates: Gather the Flames - rate x2, amount of Torches, now you can choose reward, added...
forum.lineage2dex.com forum.lineage2dex.com

How to setup game, and prepare game client - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2 Classic | Interlude

Dear friends! I have a lot of questions about how to set up game client. I post a little guide with screenshots, hope this will help you enjoy the game with us. You need to know, we use new Modern game client. That's why you need download our client, you can't use old Interlude or other game...
forum.lineage2dex.com forum.lineage2dex.com

Good luck to all and have a fun!

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  • Vision changed the title to [L2OFF] L2 DEX
Posted (edited)



Dear Dexters!
DEX has a new look now :)

Join the Lineage2Dex.com Discord Server!

Check out the Lineage2Dex.com community on Discord - hang out with 2,556 other members and enjoy
Edited by djvogans

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