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WTS L2DEX x50 full geared char necro / pr / destro w/ epic jwls

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I am selling my account on L2DE +X x50,  with char full geared . A char ready to play for any needs, fun to play for any taste pvp or pve, even oly!

skills 20+ enchanted



Baium +6

Frinteza +6

Zaken +6

Ant Queen +6

Orfen +5

Core +6

TTS set +6 MW

other TTS +6


bracelets of Malaria , Rheumatism , FLu


Soultaker (main class)

AM+acumen MW  +8

IS+empower MW +7

Zubei shield MW +9 (pdef foundation)

DC set+6 MW

AM set +6 MW


some more AM +3/+4 acumen 


Ghost Sentinel (sub)

Draconic Bow +14 focus MW (might augment)

Draconic set +6 MW

Majestic light set +7/+6 MW


Titan (sub)

Heaven's Divider +14 haste MW (augment)

Saint Spear +10 Haste MW

barakiel axe MW (cd reduction)

IC set +6 MW

Tallum set +6 MW


package comes with all you can think of and more, lots of enchants A/S (including surprise 6x Ancient Scroll Armor S - saving them for Antharas/Valakas :P), augment stones B/A/S (weapon and armor), high Life Stones, 1000+ Neo Ss, Crys 13, GCM 200+, Adena 5b+, TOD 13k+ , QA piece x2 , Zaken Piece

extra sets of DC mw and tallum MW, shitload of mats and part so you can craft whatever you want.

extra weapons e.g. HD +10 MW, SS MW 

extra chars for whatever your plans are - Labas / HB farm etc


drop me a PM if there is something you might need, i'm sure i have it and it will be in the package


Price is 500 E (paypal only)


drop me a message here if interested


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