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Hello everyone!


As this person has been seen advertising in MxC discord group, our Maxtor advised / requested to make this post here, in the forum.


This was originally advertised in another forum (which I won't mention, since I don't know if I can 😃) but, again, as the person was seen advertising in the group, that's why I'm posting here.


User TROTHA (discord TROTHA#9776) is/ are nothing but scammers.


He advertises A/S grade items in l2 Reborn, as well as accounts. Scammed me in 135€ in the beginning of the month and the case is still being disputed in PayPal. He will refuse any middleman and will also refuse to make smaller transactions. Pay attention because he will accept PayPal products / services but somehow they are well organized and will come up with a plan to make the dispute hard to accomplish.


Some of his/their email addresses:


- agence.rova.emarketing@gmail.com

- 29zexy@gmail.com

- sacredwhitenoise@yandex.ru


The name of the person who got the money is Romain Valteau, but for sure, there are others.
















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