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Bests Lineage 2 servers to sell

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Hi there, im a seller in Lineage II, and I was wondering what the community thinks, which servers are better to sell items?
Or in which servers do you think you need more sellers?
I mean, low-mid-high rate server, and some chronicles to know!


Thanks in advance!



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famous ones. I guess sellers wouldn't care much about how long does the server last, when it dies, sellers just leave with those big CPs/clans. What important is to dig the very first gold from the beginning, RPG in June might have some work for you

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It seems that Interlude or interlude - like chronicles attract the most attention nowadays.

Lowrate - elmorelab ( way closer to IL than to later chronicles ), reborn

Middlerate - warland, l2dex.


All interlude projects literally have their base

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