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🀩Finally Ready! YOU CAN'T MISS THIS
Grand Opening 10th April
βœ…Interlude 2x
βœ…Safe Enchant +3 βœ…Max Enchant +16
βœ…Normal Scroll 66% βœ…Blessed Scroll 72%
βœ…Maximum Clients per PC 3
😎1h All NPC Buffs Duration, Character Buffs Retail😎
πŸ‘Buffs Slots 24+4 (Divine Inspiration)
βœ…AutoLearn Skill
πŸ’§Mana Potions 500mp Every 10Sec
πŸ”΄2% Red Champion Spawn Chance (Drops Rare Scrolls Buff)
- Chant of Victory
- Magnus' Chant
- Nobless Blessing
πŸ”΅5% Blue Champion Spawn Chance (Drops Scrolls Buff)
- Clarity
- Greater Might / Shield
- Elemental Protection
- Wild Magic
- Gift of Queen
- Blessing of Seraphim
πŸ˜‡GmShop up to C Grade (No SA)
🀩Material Trader: Every week you can Buy or Sell some Materials
πŸ‘GlobalGatekeeper on Alt+B Community Board
πŸ™Donation Store with very limited avaiable options (NoPayToWin)
πŸ†Olympiad 1 Month
- Anti Feed Protection
- Min 4 Players to Start
- Enchant Limit +6
🐧Raid Spawn Time Retail
🀝Vote Buff Reward:
- Increases some of your Stats:
- P.def, M.def, (-)MpConsume, MaxHP, Resist to Debuff/Cancel

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Read the rules before you postΒ :Β 



It could help make your post to look better and also, put the correct prefixes [L2J] or [L2OFF].

Thank you.


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  • sonsone changed the title to [L2J] L2 DPS

donate panel sold from pigasos scammer

or you are pigasos and this server is total trash https://donate.l2dps.club/

only this forum is totally supporting this



PS: original panel sold here: https://shop.denart-designs.com.

  • Haha 1

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