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L2Walker 2.19 ,auto-delete stack of items possible?

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Hello all 


I was wondering if I could get some help here in the Forum about an issue I have when Im AFK-Botting.

I farm in a spot that drops "Mithril Arrow" .. so after 3 hours of botting those damn arrows take 30% of my Weight Capacity .

My goal is to let the bot run for more than 8 hours and collect only usefull drops (eg. parts/pieces/mats) and I must find a way to auto-delete those mithril arrows.



In L2Walker 2.19 there is an option of auto delete items, under COMBAT > Items Settings >  click "delete" & "Del item when Load > ..% ) .. 

So, this actually works , but it only deletes 1 item (eg. 1x Mithril Arrow) at a time and it stops fighting while doin so.


I need a way to auto delete the whole stack of Mithril Arrows when pickup.

My server has Auto-pickup and , the no-pickup option is is NO option for me.


Is the L2Walker 2.19 able of doing it ?

Can I use a script for auto-delete , if yes then how does the command script look like  ?

is there such a scripting command at all? 


I kindly request help from the community

Can Somebody provide me with the script line ?

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Well, I never found the soloution to make the Walker delete Mithril Arrows by the stack everytime they got auto-picked up.


The workaround is to write a script for the character to return to village and unload / load & return to location ... 


topic can be closed 

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