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On 4/15/2021 at 6:40 PM, L2RAPTOR said:

I could attack you on your iTopz. but i wont sink to your level.

aCis will be king of java emulators in a couple years.

This could be true.. but how many will still be interested in L2 Interlude then?

come at me brah show me your topsite and lets compare them :'( why you banned no fun

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Ok so it's Saturday and I have taken next week off so I'm in a good mood and I will give you an answer on why Orion is trash. I know that you gonna probably ignore the majority of this and call bullshit, but I'm gonna write it anyway so people can see how wrong you are. Keep in mind that this is all my own personal opinion. You do you.   Btw @L2RAPTOR I want you to know that the ONLY reason that I spent time writing this post was because you provoked me. You only have yourself to blame

Definitely 2010 vibes, i'd go with acis, since they strive to be clean and improve along the way, plus I think acis was the first pack with decent geodata and off-like features. Sometimes it feels like a perfectly tuned car, while switching to packs like mobius or this lucera, is like some patched up zombie car where the steering is off and gargles huge amounts of fuel. Hope I made sense.   Also if you plan to make a server, you should at least be able to apply a patch, and acis commun

I am sure that ACIS and Lucera have their positives. Some things I did not like with these packs: 1. Trying to swim up from a necropolis or catacomb...trying to get out is ridiculous... 2. Bosses cast hold skill on player and player can not hit boss but boss + minions hit player 3. No separation of player shops so players can not walk between 4. Mob/Raid Boss behavior i did not like Maybe these have been fixed now. I dont know. But these are problems that impact players.

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