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Meet . . . L2 Viral

L2 Viral is a NEW Gracia Final pride style server .
Our server offers new unique to our project features as well as extreme optimization of the already existing ones.


🌐Contact Links :🌐


Facebook/Site : L2 Viral Official Facebook Page
Discord             : 
L2 Viral Official Discord server


We use our facebook page as our web page, as well, since we don't see the need of actually creating a site/forum when we can use Facebook and Discord which are way more interactive, usefull and easier for our community to use.





💠General Info :💠



  • Client                  : Gracia Final
  • Game style          : Custom (Pride like)
  • XP - SP Rates       : PvP oriented server with no specific rates. All rates are customized and dynamic.
  • Enchant Rates      : Enchant rates are custom and dynamic as well. They decrease as the enchant levels increase.
  • Enchant Max        : There is no max enchant
  • Enchant safe        : Items do not break in our server. They will return to +0 in the worst case scenario. Enchant fail penalties differ based on the type of scoll and level of the enchant.


💠General Features :💠

  • Fully functional Events.
  • New Event Ranks table on the community board. New Feature.
  • Working Olympiad with +6 enchant limit restriction. Every other restriction was removed.
  • Optimized class balance.
  • Fully working and customized Community Board.
  • Fully working -unique- to our server, Dyes control panel. New/Unique Feature.
  • Fully working -unique- to our server, automated enchant panel.New/Unique Feature.
  • New fully working -unique- to our server, player control panel. Through which you can control settings like disabling/enabling skill animations etc. New/Unique Feature.
  • Fully working and improved, -unique- to our server, stat panel, with all stats working properly as well as new added stats.
  • Fully working dress me system. New Feature.
  • Fully working and optimized, -unique- to our server, Class Paths system.
  • New fully working -unique- to our server augment system-panel. New/Unique Feature.


💰PvE Features :💰


  • New farm zone : Beast Farm
  • New Raid System -unique- to our server.
    • Only 9 raids available (for now) with autoflag and autoannounce functions. No more stealth kills on raids or uncontested safe kills. 
      Raids are now worth to kill and valuable points/targets of interest that you will have to fight for in order to get.
  • At the moment we offer 3 different instances in our server.
    • Kamaloka         : Duo entry
    • Halls of Avarice 8-10 player party entry. -unique- to our server.
    • Raid instance    : 8-10 player party entry.


🏹PvP Features :🏹


  • Solo pvp zone  : Hunters village
  • Mass pvp zone :  Gludin village.
  • Hourly events.
  • Fully functional Olympiad with a 2 week cycle 
  • PvP skills
  • PvP score depended name colour.
  • Weekly Sieges (The castles available for siege will be decided based on our community's numbers and "pvp activity")


👑Clan - Alliance Features :👑


  • Clan system was reworked and improved.New/Unique Feature.
    • All clan skills were edited and are now usefull and balanced.
    • Level up prices and skill prices were fixed  
    • Clan levels were reduced in number and our now just enough in order for you to get the skills/upgrades that are available.
    • Clan eggs were unified into one egg. You now dont need to farm different eggs for each skill.
    • Clan eggs were added along with clan rep for clan upgrades of any type.


  • Alliances are limited to 1 clan only (for now) in order to avoid zergs.


🔰Other features - improvents - changes :🔰


  • All item stats were reworked. This was done in order to provide more unique builds, diversity and possibilities.-unique- to our server feature.
  • All item descriptions were corrected. You now get what you see.-unique- to our server feature.
  • Cleared and fixed damage formulas. Your damage is now static and functions properly. -unique- to our server feature.
  • Mob respawn timers are now static and won't be affected by the server's online count.New/Unique Feature.
  • Reduced interrupt chance on skills.-unique- to our server feature.
  • Removed multisell giving randomly enchanted items. What you see is what you buy.-unique- to our server feature.
  • Removed Silver/Blue eva caps and increased the scroll cap  to 9999.-unique- to our server feature.
  • Low mp percentages now no longer affect mp regen.-unique- to our server feature.
  • Added new levels of enchant bonuses on armors.-unique- to our server feature.
  • Reviewed and optimized every single packet in order to optimize perfomance.-unique- to our server feature.
  • Rearranged skill progression on most classes for 85+ skills.-unique- to our server feature.
  • Removed Unique Weapons (for now) in order to properly balance and improve them. They will be added back in the game later.
  • Deleted Prophet and Summoners for the same reason as the unique weapon set.
  • Created an id log function on the community board that will keep track of all ids that logged in your account.
  • Combined with a safety pin code, this will secure your account from any scamming attempts.
  • Items now will require the previous tiers corresponding items in order to be bought.(Applies on armors, weapons and cloaks)New/Unique Feature.
  • Enchants now transfer through items. Meaning that the enchant that you have on your weapon will be transferred to your new weapon when you buy one.
    New/Unique Feature.


A more analytical feature list can be found on our discord server.
As well as our videos/screenshots from our game.

Our beta test was completed yesterday.
We're very satisfied with our results and if all go well very soon our server will go live.
News about our Grand Opening will be posted very soon!
Until then please join our discord and facebook page to stay updated and learn more about our server!
Also please share our server with your friends so we can grow our community!

You can check our promo video by clicking the link below! 

L2 Viral Promo Video


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