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The actual resources of the l2.exe file written in the "C" language for launching with additional parameters (by default, for example, you can find there an alternative connection setting to the server, i.e. usually the server address is written in l2.ini or dsetup (if you use whose or protection) and there is a similar method here (it works by the method of batch files [.bat]). Also, if you want, you can add any functionality to it at your discretion (if, of course, you fumble about it). There is the possibility of changing the l2.exe icon.


-Supported chronicles: All (since the redirection goes to l2.bin)
-Required to compile resources: Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop


[Q] For example, you have protection installed in the client side or some add-on is already using the l2.exe file, what should you do then?


[A] Rename your l2.exe to l2.bin, then compile from these resources with your parameters, change the icon (optional), and rejoice. The file essentially launches your executable, which you previously renamed to l2.bin, but with your additional parameters that you specified when compiling these resources of the new application.


SOURCE l2.exe or alternativ…zip (1,45 MB) - uploaded.net


Posted by Kreck

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title is misleading as it has nothing to do with L2.exe, its just 1 row file calling 1 winapi function - shellexecute xD

u accomplish same with .bat or .cmd file and no compilation.

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