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Hello everyone!
Thank you for all the love and support we have received over the past months we have been around.
We really appreciate all of you, and we will definitely keep our work and spirits up for such an amazing and supportive community! :heart:
While there are less and less servers opened monthly and others give up on a community that’s constantly shrinking, we are here to stay, because we love Lineage 2!


The most epic of PvP servers is here, keeping Lineage 2 alive and raising it to new levels, for an even more amazing experience!


L2Royal Aeron x5000

armor_t97_u_i00Instant PVP: Start free with equipped Elegia items and Raid Jewels
etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_wp_s_i05Enchants: Safe/Max +16
etc_fire_crystal_i00Elements: 100% chance, max lv.7
etc_mineral_unique_i03Augments: Skill 100%, STR INT CON INT MEN 4%
skill1356Buffs: 32+4, Dances/Songs 16
etc_all_subjob_skillbook_i00Subclass: Lv.85 + Certification for subs
skill3238PVP Zone Rotation: 30 min
skill1056Cancel Return Buff: 15 sec
etc_cp_potion_i01Auto Potion: Right Click On The Shortcut
skillraidMacro Glitch: Enabled
weapon_fort_flag_i00Sieges/Territory Wars: Every Weekend
humanOlympiad Period: Heroes Selected Every Friday
orb_of_fire_dragonAuto Events: A different event every 60 minutes
skill0130Tournaments: Tuesday 18:00 - Thursday 18:00 - Saturday 17:00
dark_kninghtSkin System: Make your character look awesome, Over 2500 Skins to choose from!

Thank you for reading and understanding! We hope to see you all again soon!


Website: https://l2royal.eu/


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On 3/5/2021 at 11:22 AM, Vision said:

Good luck with your server!

Thank you!


New Update:

  • Thanks to all of your feedbacks and patience we totally changed the Olympiad Engine!
  • Starting from this Hero Cycle we will have a New-Reworked Olympiad Formula Engine (Damage/Debuffs/everything else)
  • We are always striving for perfection and this won’t be the last time that you will see a big improvement like this.
  • Hope you will enjoy this brand new Olympiad Experience, have a nice game to you all.

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New Update:


Extreme Zone
544f3851be2e40f07fe2c76b4f6c889d97620c4a The zone will now have more chances to spawn during the day (x3)
caedaa85ecf1b967aafe91dcab10be99eb01620d Darion will drop from 250 to 750 Royal Coins
blue coin Darion will drop from 10 to 100 GM Coins


caedaa85ecf1b967aafe91dcab10be99eb01620d The reward for each win will be always 1 Royal Coin


Slight decrease in damage or defense formula calculation:
58938233b252554692d99e6d976d8c5b3e465761Storm Screamer


Slight increase in damage formula calculation:
63f5645e07a28d88f8580ee5ccd1acc79b27fa40Grand Khavatari

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