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Hello guys first of all sorry for new topic i know there a a lot of files/codes but my request i little different.

i already own server but i don't have enough skills for everything and i want to ask for help, is there any PvP colour system/Buffer/GK and DeLevel Manager and if possible could you explain me how to put them in my server files. 

if anybody could help me I'll be really so thankful! and wish you have a nice day!

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dude you NOT even search for these npc's that are sooooo easy to find .
the guide how to add em is simple:
when you download the npc patch ,you will find inside ~>
client files and server files:
Client files~>

copy client files of npc patch to: lineage2 client
into client patch you will find ~>system/npcgrp.txt

and >system/npcname.txt
l2fileedit~>npcgrp.dat~>add the line(s) that are in files of npc as npcgrp.txt

l2fileedit~>npcname.dat~>add the line(s) that are in files of npc as npcnametxt

server files~>
data/xml~>customnpc~>add the npc that are in files of npc as xml
data/html~>type of npc ~>copy html (type of npc is usually writed after : server files~>data~>html~>merchant or default or teleporter or whatever you download~>and paste it)

more info here: 


http://www.ahr.hr/NPC.pdf    I just type in google add npc in l2 server and this is the first one that appears.You dont even search in google for these you asking .


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