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About this file

I noticed such a thing that on many servers they score on these items but sell them for a donation with the "ONLY MONSTER" icon


Zombie Shield ID - 6721


shieldOrmJevil.bone_shield0 - a regular unframed zombie shield

shieldOrmJevil.bone_shield1 - zombie shield lvl 1

shieldOrmJevil.bone_shield2 - zombie shield lvl 2

shieldOrmJevil.bone_shield3- zombie shield lvl 3

shieldOrmJevil.bone_shield4- zombie shield lvl 4

shieldOrmJevil.bone_shield5 - zombie shield lvl 5


ID Nephlim Shield - 5799


shieldOrmJevil.nephelim_shield0 - regular borderless nifilim shield

shieldOrmJevil.nephelim_shield1 - nifilim shield lvl 1

shieldOrmJevil.nephelim_shield2 - nifilim shield lvl 2

shieldOrmJevil.nephelim_shield3 - nifilim shield lvl 3

shieldOrmJevil.nephelim_shield4 - nifilim shield lvl 4

shieldOrmJevil.nephelim_shield5 - nifilim shield lvl 5


Hidden Content. You need to become VIP Member in order to view this.


Credits: OrmJevil

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