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WTT Trade Chronos Adena/Items for Core Adena.

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Hi There,


I Am looking to trade my Adena/Items in Chronos for Adena in Core server.


I currently have:

10 B Adena.

183 Brilliant Freya's Ice Rose - Value: 13 Billion

176 Brilliant Freya's Scroll of Storm - Value 10 Billion

20 x Blessed Circlet Enchant Scroll

25 x Blessed Dragon Shirt Enchant Scroll

59 x Enchant Blessed Kaliel's Bracelet Scroll

6.300 Crystal R-Grade

1 x Freya's Bloody Rune (2 hours) Box

16 x Rune Stone

1 x Artifact Vampiric Rage (Support)

2 x Artifact XP (Support)

+2 Artifact - P. Atk. (Balance)

+1 Artifact - Fixed Damage Reduction (Balance)

+4 Artifact - P. SKill Critical Rate (Balance)

+4 Artifact - Attack Critical Rate (Balance)

+1 Artifact - M. Def (Protection)

+1 Artifact - Vampiric Rage (Support)

+1 Artifact - P. Skill Critical Damage (Fighting Spirit)

+1 Artifact - P. Def (Protection)

+6 Leo Agathion Charm

4 x Maphr's Luck Potion


I am not looking to sell any items for Chronos Adena, only Core adena. Ratio: 1.3 B Core adena for 1 B Chronos Adena


Thank you!


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