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WTS L2Ionian x100 c6 Pack READY!!

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Personal Player Properties:


Personal Message:









Auto Potions:



Character Repair:




Vote Player System: YES


Vote Server System: YES


Castle Manager All in One: YES


Subclass Manager All in One: YES

V.I.P System:

A V.I.P Player will get: x2 Ionian Box - 30% Adena Bonus - x2 PvP Coins While Being VIP Player, you can equip a free Cloack skin



.menu .vip .boss .repair .deposit .withdraw .tvtjoin .tvtleave .tvtinfo .ctfjoin .ctfleave .ctfindo .dmjoin .dmleave .dminfo



Castle Manager Warehouse Keeper Boss Manager Buffer Class Manager Gatekeeper Augmenter Skill Enchanter Donate Manager Wedding Manager

Vote Manager Special Shop GM Shop High Priest Hall of Fame Grand Olympiad Manager Monument of Heroes Clanhall Manager


Event Engine:

Events every 1h Reward = 1 Event Coin TvT* .tvtjoin .tvtleave .tvtinfo CTF* .ctfjoin .ctfleave .ctfinfo DM* .dmjoin .dmleave .dminfo


Hourly PvP Event system:

About PvP Hourly Event Top 5 PvP Hourly Players will get:

1st: 1 Hero Crown & 2000 PvP Coins

2nd: 1000 PvP Coins

3rd: 500 PvP Coins

4th: 250 PvP Coins

5th: 125 PvP Coins


Starting Feutures Staring Spawn:

Giran Starting Lv: 80


Enchant System:

Safe Enchant +3

Max Enchant +20

Normal Scrolls: 65% (+15)

Crystall Scrolls: 100% (+15)

Infinity Scrolls: 5% (+15 to +20)


Augmentation System:

Augmantation Lifestones chance:

Mid-Grade Lifestone: 5%

High-Grade Lifestone: 10%

Top-Grade Lifestone: 15%


Donate Augmantation System:

10 Donate Coin's = 1 Active|Passive

NOTE* Unlimited Active's and 1 Passive Skill


Skill Enchantment System:

To start skill enchanting, you'll need 1 Book of Giant. Maximum skill enchant level is 10 from this npc


Donate Skill Enchantment System:

To start skill enchanting, you'll need 1 Donate Coin. Enchant chance is 100%! No enchanting fails! Enchanting don't cost any EXP/SP! Maximum skill enchant level is 15 from this npc


Donate Manager:

To start using Donate Manager you will need: 5 Donation Coins

Rebase & Full clan skills cost: 10 Donation Coins

V.I.P & HERO Status cost: 5, 10, 15 Donation Coins

V.I.P 7days, 14days, 21days Hero 7days, 14days, 21days


Change Sex


Change Name

Clan Lv 8 Full Clan Skills

100k Reputation Points


PvP/Pk color system:

50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000


Top PvP/Pk system:

List of the top 15 PvP Players

List of the top 15 Pk Players



BOSS Zone:

Grand Bosses respawn = 6h Raid Bosses respawn = 1h



Special Boss zone

Farm Zone

Olympiad Town

Random PvP Zone



Castle siege every 1 week.



Heroes every 7days.



Dynasty Armors, Weapons, Jewels (10% better from S Grade)

Ionian Potion: A Ionian potion that increases +100 M.def, +100 P.def and +1000 Maximum HP. Duration = 9 minutes.

Hero Crown: Double click on this item and you will gain hero status with skills for 24 hours.

Ionian Tattoo: This Tattoo will boost 10% of your Atk.speed, C.speed & Speed.

Noblesse: Double click Noblesse.

Clan Reputation Item: This items grants you 1.000 Clan Reputation Points, double-click on it.




Any changes  allowed to the current feutures!!

Edited by l2ionianc6
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Man structure your post a bit lol it's like a mess.

Also, put price for what you sell.

Read the rules before you post.

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On 2/20/2021 at 2:39 AM, l2ionianc6 said:

200 euros is the price !


edit your topic organize it make it look better so others can understand what you are selling right now it's a mess and theres no point to keep such topic on marketplace.

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