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  5. A L2 custom server, lineage 2 knight brings a new playstyle never introduced to the lineage 2 world. I created a L2 that is geared towards Western style MMOs where the work you put in, you are rewarded. No terrible game mechanics based solely on RNG, p2w, and new leveling experiences. No more breaking weapons and armor on enchants that you worked so hard crafting. Crafting is completely re-made so any class/race can craft their gear through grinding, and dungeons are actually dungeons with Elite/Difficult monsters that greatly reward players. Everything is unique in a rewarding way. Try it out! 
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Posted (edited)

Do not join!!GM is extremely toxic and makes it sounds like its you. Server nearly reached 60people and he obliterated it with his bad ideas and his unprofessional attitude. When he doesn't like something, he bans/deletes(including players). Gms(his helper which he had over 5-6 did most work for him) and they didn't get appreciated for all the hard work.All they got was ''thanks and bye hun''If you join, be prepared for GM's clan run into the rescue and say that gm is innocent and everyone else is toxic but them. They will try to mask the fact that GM was doing a bad job and unprofessionally with the way he dealt with people. All one person said was why siege didn't happen today and the guy needed give a snarky response because those people weren't online as much since there's nothing to do for them. Gm said that we were only here for pvp even tho he was the one who was telling new players pure lies about one clan just to make his clan grow(did this because he wanted drama/pvp)and turned the whole server on himself when he started to kick his clan mates because of his childish attitude(He told his clan mates to give him all their enchants and when they said no, he started to kicked them and told them to leave). When people said that they will leave on l2k(the whole server) he made an announcement that he will be speaking on discord and the guy told everyone that he wont be playing his own game anymore and just work on it and admitted that he picked sides which was the clan that he was in and gave sneaky ninja updates like buff rbs to the point where they 4 shotted the tank with the strongest armor in game.(which was full plate-raidboss armor) kept on changing timers on guardians so they could hunt them instead of fight for them. He's own clan turned on him and joined us and those people were proven that we werent the ones who were toxic, it was the gm this whole time. So many people joined and left and the response for leaving was always the same. Gm doesn't act by his own rules, gets banned because he had a childish attitude or just disappoint everyone with his updates. On the first siege that we had when we returned, the guy buffed mercenaries, you could shift click on them and see their patk/pdef/hp etc. and they had exact same damage as world bosses on the server so it was nearly impossible to get through but we done it bit by bit. Luckily one gm that worked for him did the right thing and removed those mercenaries since he knew that Kev(GM) did this on purpose and Kev(GM) tried to act like he didn't just to make sure his clan kept the castle(which we took by force after when mercenaries got deleted) and tried to make it look like it was some sort of bug(even tho it wasn't, 2GM's told us that worked for him). That gm left because it was impossible to work with him anymore. The way they acquired the castle was against his rules aswell. His clan mates were running through the walls and bugged mercenaries and he just stood there and didn't do nothing about it because its his clan. He didn't say nothing like ''okay, the way yous achieved the siege castle wasn't the right way so yous can retry next week while i work on these bugs'' NO. he just said'' first clan to capture the castle'' his clan... So many gms joined and helped and all they got was nothing but ''thanks and bye hun'' while banning them making it sounds like they were toxic even tho the FACT, is that he cant take criticism and is not flexible by changing couple ideas. BUT you know like he says ''My discord/game, my rules'' Oh and by the way, he contacted the clan (which was us) and wanted us to come back(when we left L2J) and TRIED to buy us back by telling us how he buffed our classes and when we said no, he just straight up banned people for no reason. He will care about people once its just little numbers. When he got couple more numbers, he thought his server will continue grow so he can act just the way he likes but what he didn't realise is that without one side to compete, there was nothing to do in his server and people kept on leaving(real reason why he wanted us to come back) we told the guy what bugs there are in game, what skills need tweaking etc. and he didnt care or work on our ideas until we left... He banned people that showed him a bug which was completely game breaking like getting ssr gear and millions of adena(that player straight away reported it to gm as soon as he/she found that bug) and all he did was put their char in jail and said it was against rules... What, helping gms server is against rules?? hes lucky that our clan showed it to him because if we wouldn't of then everyone would be rolling with millions in their pockets with endgame gear(doesnt realise how much time he could've wasted by trying to delete the gear on every player and adena). When his clan exploits the game and get castle the way they shouldn't, its fine but when theres a person on opposite clan as him tries to help him, thats against rules... Dont join, this GM is a joke, theres plenty more stuff that i havent said but this should show everyone of what kind of gm this guy is.

UPDATE: he deleted all my characters on my logins with all my stuffxD this just shows of how childish this guy is, when you stand up to him and say the truth. Fair enough i got discord ban, makes sense since we had an argument but i did nothing in game that broke the rules(like his clan did when they tried to glitch through the wall to capture our castle and exploit the bugs on their first siegexD) and get a ban in therexD If you prepared to lick his a** all the way then you will be fine on the server. Oh and he will delete all the posts that are 100% truth and only keep the ones who lick his a**(his clan) and lie about player count just to make himself grow or avoid the question if you ask himxD Goodluck all from our end!! Kev, must suck to be bad at your own game and ragequit in the middle of the siege. Maybe by getting rid of us like that, you might have a chance to get a castlexD

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