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14 minutes ago, dramaa93 said:

Let's say 500-600 online. Can you write me pc requirements?

PS. Hope I am in right section 馃槕

You need an SSD for load server,聽read/write on database, parse XML and restart faster than an HDD. That time is very important and with an SSD it can reduced half or more.

A ram of 12-16 GB is perfect (no need more unless your server is a mess and it full ram for no reason)聽and any next gen processor is just fine.

It mostly depend on the location of your VPS/Dedicated. A VPS in Europe will respond slower to people in Russia e.t.c. and what a player is doing inside the server. If a player stand still, he consume less network resources than a player who flood packets. Especially if you gather massive numbers of players in one area as it happen in Sieges or Events but then we talk for Lineage 2 Lag also since the game is old and it can't handle that many packet at once (Only if you get some interface modification or client i guess).

So in the end pay attention to the location / ping of your server, get a high ram an SSD and avoid having 500 players stuck in 1 place.

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PC sepcs matters less. You are fine as long as you don't use a VPS in a busy node; better聽don't use a VPS at all. Use a dedicated server.

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