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Guide [Guide] How to attach/detach Shoulder Pads ANY armor.

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Hello Mxc!

This Guide will show you how to attach/ detach / edit Psk models (mostly for shoulder pads)


First of all you need programms like Full Bundle Pack

1. Umodel

2. Milkshape 3D

3. UnrealUKX

4. L2encdec

5. Any .dat Editor


Follow step by step


Step 1. Export Psk Model from client by Umodel ( no need to explain i think)


Step 2. Add model to Milk Shape 3D 

 File > Import > Unreal / UP PSK/ PSA... ( always import armor as 1st model cuz every model has their owns Joints, next model will be mesh only with no joints) 


As you can see i delete some wireframes  to remove shoulder pads ( for example i making leather armor for dwarfs cuz is no exist for dynasty set)

and here is my result :                                                                                                                  Now we are add next Mesh ( shoulder pad for example)


If you read previous step you should know, you need export Pad, Add File > Import > Unreal / UP PSK/ PSA...

Successful ? GOOD! You are beyond is a GODLIKE for now! But wait... did you link Pad's mesh to bones? 


Step 3. Link Mesh to bones need to proper animations.

Now we are going in "Joints table"  search for bone we are looking for us is Bip01_L_UpperArm :

Press "show skeleton" if you wanna see all bones and joints, then double click on "our bone"  > SelUnassigned > Assign  (> SelUnassigned again to make it clear attached it or not)





Save > Export > Unreal / UT PSK/ PSA ...


Step 4. Time to do what you know well !


Time to open UnrealUKX  > Animations > Mesh Import 

Dont forget to edit  Rotation, Translation, and Scale depends by Ingame Class ( For Dwarf is Rotation YAW = 49152, Scale 1.00000 to all, and Translation is 20.50000... Ow Poor Little Boy...)





Table "textures > Import... > Chose textures ( dont forget CubeMap) >Package destination must be same as our animations package. 

Edit texture properties :


Same properties to Shoulder Pads.

Now we are create TexEnvMap, Shader and FinalBlend 







Okay Complete ! Now Back to Animations table  , click on Mesh > Skin > Material and add our Final Textures ! And Save as .ukx file.

I think we can skip how to use l2encdec and add armor to armorgrp.dat procedure. One small tip : leave in armorgrp.dat only mesh, texture table must be empty.


Done ! 


You can combine any armor with any Shoulder Pad. is just your fantasy how to do it.  Thanks for reading to the end !


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