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WTS Kamael - 63 - Trickster - TONSSS OF XP items - READ!

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2400 Ivory Coin,

3x 50% xp 5 Hour Rune 

1x 50% xp 1 Hour Rune (3 HR)

80 Christmas Cakes - Full Vitality Reset (hr cooldown)

7 Vitality Pie Full Vitality Reset (hr cooldown)

186 Wish Candles - Freeze Vatiality 10 minutes 

3+ Reset coupons of each - Laba, Rim, Halls - Can use 1 per day

3 each zaken reset low and high.  1 use per reset

90 day premium (150% vitality always)

90  day club card (ports, level 74 buff) 

weight increase 150%, Inventory increase 40 Slots

Archer Will Skill

485 Quick Heal Potions *500 hp no cooldown

5 Blue vitality potion - Vitality Freeze

2 Pink Vitality potion - 30% Vitality increase

3900 greater heal potions

30 day auto loot.

Purchased the unique starter set Armor/Weapon Coupons for D, C, B, Soulshots, D, C, B Jewels.  

This is for the E-Global - Masterwork Server

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