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WTS Veteran L2J Development Service

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Hi, I am willing to offer development services for L2J for a short time.

I am not selling features I've already done, I am only interested in special mechanics, huge engines and complex systems.

Preferrably custom things, not offering my services to Pride servers.

100% Bug Free delivery. The price depends on how much time I believe it would take me. My services do not come cheap. I cannot present an estimation at the momment, I will wait for a request to present as an example.


Some of my recent work (not for sell):

  • XML/Event-Driven Instance/Event Engine for L2J (RealmEngine) 
    • TvT/CtF/DM/LMS/Domination/Siege
    • Unlimited ammount of teams even of Siege Event with rotations
    • 100% XML
  • Server Side itemname-e.dat (this file is useless everything comes from the server even item stats)
  • Exceptional Interface UC/XDAT development skills, I know tricks other's don't
  • DLLs/Discord Bots/Updaters locked on GameServer


100% Server Side Item Description with stats



Ability System (H5 Client) NOT HTML :) Everything 99% Server Sided




Old members can vouch for me, I haven't offered my services for a long time.


Available only on Discord: Blizzard#7187

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13 minutes ago, InTheEndॐ said:

in any gaming forum/community


not true if you consider legendary forums like unknowncheats.me :)

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