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Hello everyone. We will sell a new  Build / Source High Five. 

We have thoroughly fixed all backdoors, bugs and errors of this server with a 100% guarantee and money back guarantee. 100% realization of russian and english data files also development beautiful, multilanguage Coummunity Board. 


A little more about the server:

This server has a lot of custom things, new instance zones, events, bots, anti-cheat (server and client side)

On this server bots are 100% implemented as real players and you cannot distinguish them from real players.

This Bots can:

1. Write in chat (all chats: general chat, shout, trade, clan)

2. Walk, go to npcs, kill / attack mobs, attack players, attack pvp / pk.

3. Can pvp, pk, participate in Olympiad, participate in Events.

4. Invite in clans, invite in parties, go to instant zones.

5. Can teleport, use items, walk in the towns.

6. Can show in the statistics.

7. Can equip / unequip items weapons, accessories, armors.

8. In a word, these bots are 100% implemented as real players.


We can sell for you:

1. Only clean buiild.

2. Build of the finished server.

3. Source.

4. Buld, Source and ready-made configs, configed bots, finished community board for x50, new instant zones source.

On this server, I kept 800+ live players and 2000 bots without any problems and errors.


You can check everything that we have written above - http://l2global.fun/


Who want to purchase build / source, contact with me. Price, source basis in detail in contacting with me.


Skype: live:.cid.46a567a79c1169af


VK: https://vk.com/jacob.gudkov

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