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Hello. Don't have time to grow your darling? Over 8 years of L2 experience on your side then.


Price for 1 hour:

6.08 USD = 5 EUR = 0.00022 BTC

Discount -26% if you:

- have 1 or more order at least 4 hours in last 30 days;

- leaved feedback in this thread.


For your convenience:

➡️ You can pick day and time when you prefer to start;

 ➡️ You can choose effective farm spot by yourself. Then I will not spend time to check it;

 ➡️ All loot is yours;

 ➡️ Quests and manor are available. But say in advance, if you need it.


Algorithm of work:

1. First of all, tell me how much hours or levels do you need;

2. You pay, share login and password;

3. I give you screenshot at start, every hour and additional notification after driving complete.


PM here:

Discord: Telug#3665

Skype: gluhovmusic

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