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Server GrandOpening 5/2/21 Time : 20:00 GMT +2

# Exp x5000
# Sp x5000
# Adena x1000
# Party Exp x1.5
# Party Sp x1.5


Players Start in Talking Island
Starting Lvl = 80
All Sgrade Items In Gm Shop Is free.


# Safe Weapon/Armor = +4
# Max Enchant = +30
# Normal Enchant Scroll = 65% (no restriction)

# Bless Enchant Scroll = 75%
# Bless Enchant Max = +20

# Crystal Enchant Scroll = 20% (if enchant break you dont lose the enchant)
# Max Enchant With Crystal = 30


# Mid Life Stone = 4%
# High Life Stone = 6%
# Top Life Stone = 10%
# You can use 1 Active & 1 Passive Skill
# Right Click on ls.


Farm System:

** Rates Can check From Shit+Click to monsters
# Cementery/Forbidden 3 Spots (Chaotic Zone)
Monsters Drop adena/Aztek Adena/Crystal Scrolls( 2% Chance)

# Silent Valley 2 Spots (Chaotic Zone)

Chaotic Monsters Drop adena/Aztek Adena/Skill Coin

*Skill Coin is used to improve your armor.*

#Imperial Tomb (Chaotic Zone)

Monsters Drop adena/Ls/Bog Zone



** Upgraded Armors : **


V.I.P Armor: Tier 1 ( Increased 5% Stats From Sgrade)

Vesper Armor : Tier 2 ( Increased 5% Stats From V.I.P)

Gold Armor: Tier ( Increased 5% Stats From Vesper)

Desert Eagle: Tier ( Increased 5% Stats From Gold)

Rykros Armor : Tier ( Increased 5% Stats From Desert Eagle )

Ertheia Armor : Tier ( Increased 5% Stats From Rykros )



# Aion Weapons(Same Stats)

# Valakas Weapons(Same Stats)


Valakas Ring Can be Upgraded To R99 Nacklace of Polyne

Nacklace of Polyne Increased 5% More P.atk and 5% M.Atk Than Valakas Ring

# Custom Tattoos

Mage Tattoo : Lvl 1 :

Increase 15% Casting Speed & 15% M.Atk

Mage Tattoo  :  Lvl 2

 Increase 15%Casting Speed & 15%M.Atk & 15%HP/CP


Fighter Tattoo :  Lvl 1

Increase 15% Atk.Speed & 15%P.Atk

Fighter Tattoo  Lvl 2

Increase 15%Atk.Speed & 115% P.Atk & 15% HP/CP


# Auto Learn Skills
# Buff Slots 52+4
# Duration Buff 1 hours
# Castle Siege every week Aden,Godart,Rune

#Farm System
# Custom Farm Zones
# Rotate PvP Zones New Zone Every 60 Minutes
# Flag PvP Zone
# Free Sub-class
# Max Sub-class 4
# Sub-class start 76 LvL
# Stuckable Scolls
# Stuckable Life Stones
# Stuckalble Bogs
# All items in GM Shop
# Economy System Based to Farm Items
# Main Town Giran
# Auto loot mobs
# Wedding System
# Anti Feed Protection
# Augmentetion System
# No weight limit

#Champion System


# Team vs Team

# 1vs1 Valhalla Battles(Winner Get 20 Odin Stones)
# 3vs3 Tournament (1st Team Get 300 Donate Coins)
# 9vs9 Tournament (1st Team Get 300 Donate Coins)


# .menu
# .raidInfo
# .grandInfo



You can be nobless with 2 ways:

1)#The party that will last hit the boss Barakiel (3 hours respawn time & 1 hour window +/-) will
automatically gain noblesse status.

2)# Need 4 crowns to be nobless. 
# Black Crown.
# RedCrown.
# Silver Crown.
# Gold Crown.



Level 6 - Need 10 Online Members
Level 7 - Need 15 Online Members
Level 8 + Skills - Need 25 Online Members


*You Can Check from All Raid and Grand Bosses The Drops from each boss from the npc " Boss Status"*

*In Order To Enter In GrandBoss Area, You Must Be In Clan OtherWise You will be Teleport outside from Area.*

# GrandBosses Respawn Every 2 Hours(GrandBoss Manager In Main Town)



Ghost Harnak Chaotic Boss(Hard) Spawned Inside of Silent Valley
Ghost Harnak chaotic zone contains a custom Raid Boss which has static time of respawn.
(It spawns at 03:00-06:00-18:00-21:00-24:00 Times Are Static.)
The Drops of Chaotic Ghost Harnak: 5 Raid Boss Jewel's Chest (A chest treasure which contain all the Raid Boss jewels)
and by clicking it will automatically give you one of the Raid Boss jewels randomly.
Ghost Harnak Chaotic Boss also contains several goods.
Ghost Harnak will allow the Party or Command channel with the most damage to pick up first the drops.

# Valakas 
# Antharas 
# Queen Ant
# Zaken 
# Frintezza 
# Core 
# Orfen

# Baium 


#3 Bosses in Ketra (Hekaton, Tayr, Brakki) 1 hours respawn time 30 minutes +/- window
#3 Bosses in Varka (Shadith, Horus, Mos) 1 hours respawn time 30 minutes +/- window
#1 Bosses in FoG Lower (Ember) 1 hours respawn time 30 minutes +/- window
#1 Bosses in Hot Springs (Hestia) 1 hours respawn time 30 minutes +/- window


- A unique battleground zone with 10 raid bosses at the same place.
- The battleground zone is chaotic, that means a lot of PvP action.
- Respawn time for each battleground boss is 1 hours.


#Max Clan Level: 8
#Max clan members: 40
#Maximum number of clans in alliance: 1


Olympiad period 7 Days(1 week)
Heroes will be given automatically  at 12:00 GMT +2  on every Monday.
Olympiads arenas retail like.
Upon selecting 5 Buffs before match starts on the Arena manager (To make dd classes and some other classes more fair to play olympiads)
After every fight, a panel with information about the match and the participants is displayed to both the winner and the loser:
- Class-based games are disabled to avoid feeding.
- The rankings update every 5 minutes when the Olympiad runs (the manager announces it every time they update).
- The games are announced by the manager before they begin.
- Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +6, which means if your items are higher that +6 they will be modified to +6 for the match and when its over the modifications will be reverted.
- The class balance in olympiad is untouched to ensure retail battles.
The Olympiad begins every day at 18:00 and ends at 06:00 AM (GMT+2).

12 Hours Of Olympiad Games!

No Custom Items Allowed Only Agrade Armors/Weapons


Site: https://l2aztek.eu/index.php

Discord : https://discord.gg/fPrN9bhcPh

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