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[L2J] Lineage2Club

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Hello Dear Players. We are Glad to Announce our new Project H5 x15 Rates Better than Ever! Take your Friends and Join!
Server Start 28/11/2020 18:00 GMT +3 is Official Opening.
We use the Latest Professional Retail-Like H5 with Latest Skills and Drops Fixed!
No P2W Items, All Donate items can get with Votes also... Friendly Community and many many more new features!
Some Informations and Rates About Server:
Experience (EXP): x15
Skill Points (SP): x15
Adena: Flexible Rate: x3~15
Drop Itens: Flexible Rate: x3~15
Quest Drop Itens: x1
Spoil: x7
Weight Limit: x10
Manor: x1
Extract Fish: x1
Safe Enchant: +4
Max Enchant: +16
Quest Experience (EXP): x1
Quest Skill Points (SP): x1
Quest Adena: x1
Max. Clients per PC: Unlimited
Anti-Bot: ALLOWED (Not in Mass PvP)
Class Master: 50k Adena First, 100k Adena Second, 3rd: 1kk Adena
Off-line Shop mode: Just Logout or use command .offline
Auto Learn Skills: Yes
Auto Loot: Yes
Auto Loot Raid & Grand Boss: No
Raid Drops: x5
Sealstones Drops: x3
General Questions: info@lineage2club.com
Reasons to Chose us
Skills are Fixed as Retail (was before 50-80% dropped as almost all servers are live now)
Drops Fixed as Retail
No Missed Raids or Miniors.
Mobs & Raids Skills Fixed and Work as Retail.
No Fail Geodata (11_23.l2j to 26_16.l2j) for those who know about it.
No LAG (Hosted on Europe on 5 Gbit Dedicated Line)
Need Anything else? Just Ask!
Have Fun Folks!

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Oreos server magkes  ego xekinisa xtes kai i clan mou xekinise simera.

bottela oli mera kai zaman fou , an kai eida xtes oti tha paei i sfaliara gonato .... giati vrika mesa palia enemies opote gia sfagi to vlepo na katalixei to ergo

ta drop epitelous sta RB einai opos prepei 
Ta skills episis doulevoune 

kai o dev mexri oras den afinei tipota kato na pesei.

HF pm MaxPain gia clan invites

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Great job guys,well done!this project is what i was looking for months now.no pay to win items,quite easy to level up and farm with friendly community and helpful gm's.keep up the great work guys!

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Finally a balanced Server , all skills from every single char are working normally like the old good H5 on official Server. 

Additional bots are allowed for farm so its easy for lvl up and materials but are not allowed on siege or mass PvP. Furthermore i found the best Geodata i have ever seen. 

I recommend this server for ballance and stability!

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