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[L2OFF] L2Remorse

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Welcome to L2Remorse's Classic x10!

Lineage 2 started as a hobby and ended up as a sort of second life for us.

Sometimes, we would get tired of it and stop for a while. Though, we would always come back.
Now, we are at a point in our lives where the original game developer has chosen a path that we do not want to follow and pretty much all private servers out there are just money-grubbers. This is why we have decided to open our own server, because we need Lineage 2 to be awesome again, it is our personal goal!

Useful Links:
Website: http://l2remorse.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/2Wfa2spsXx

Join the discussion on the forums






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Hello everyone!


We know we are ever-so-slightly late, but here we are! The Open BETA is now live! You are welcome to test any features that you need and send us your feedback.


How to join the Open BETA:

  • Register a master account [here]
  • Login into your master account and create a game account [here]
  • Download and install our files:
    • 1. Download our client and extract to a new Lineage 2 folder
    • 2. Download and place the Remorse.exe file (see below) in your Lineage 2 folder
    • 3. Run Remorse.exe as an administrator
    • 4. Wait for the files to be downloaded then click on "Play Now"


NOTE: Try to have your Lineage 2 folder always on a different drive other than C:/ (It can cause Permission conflicts). In case of a any errors, disable firewall and Windows Defender and try again. 


Client Download


Updater Download


In-game instructions

  • We have an NPC named 'Snake' located in the town of Giran that provides all the BETA functions
  • NPC 'Snake' will be available only during Open BETA Phase
  • All character data will be deleted at the end of the BETA phase

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