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[L2J] L2-Blackpearl

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Website: https://www.L2-Blackpearl.com
Dicord: https://discord.gg/GMX54eC


symbol1.png.ed2b01e0dcec860a601b81502350b1dd.png About Lineage 2 Blackpearl Free Private Server: symbol2.png.1fd850b60d6add34b27e3a44408c48a9.png

L2-Blackpearl.com is a FREE High Rate Lineage 2 Professional Private Server running latest Homunculus II game mechanics. With retail NPC, Item, Skill and game mechanics based of latest leaked Homunculus II files, that offers to our players a unique gaming environmnet, access to all in game content without exception, exceptionally good working class skills, class mechanics, game mechanics overall and NO Pay2Win Donations. Everything in game can be obtained without donations. The team is constantly working on development, constant updates, updated geodata, offering our players the Best Lineage 2 Experience. There is No Wipe Ever, - everything in game can be aquired, with no exceptions, by simply playing.


scr1.png.be20483424cd9d79e3113d2dc8a79510.png                             scr2.png.8b978a6f78e4597b69e116d641adae20.png


symbol1.png.ed2b01e0dcec860a601b81502350b1dd.png Server Version: symbol2.png.1fd850b60d6add34b27e3a44408c48a9.png
Homunculus Part II


symbol1.png.ed2b01e0dcec860a601b81502350b1dd.png Rates: symbol2.png.1fd850b60d6add34b27e3a44408c48a9.png
XP: Lv. 1~85 x1 (Story Mode)
XP: Lv. 85~120 x500
XP: Lv. 120+ x1
SP: Lv. 1~85 x1
SP: Lv. 85+ x500
Drop: x10
Spoil: x10
Adena: x500



symbol1.png.ed2b01e0dcec860a601b81502350b1dd.png Enchant: symbol2.png.1fd850b60d6add34b27e3a44408c48a9.png
Max Enchant: +30
Safe Enchant: +3



symbol1.png.ed2b01e0dcec860a601b81502350b1dd.png Instances: symbol2.png.1fd850b60d6add34b27e3a44408c48a9.png
Dimensional Warp
Krofin's Nest
Command Post
Ashen Shadow Revolutionaries
Altar of Shilen
Outer Messiahs Castle
Inner Messiahs Castle
Mystic Tavern
Kastia's Labyrinth
Fallen Emperor's Throne
and many more...



symbol1.png.ed2b01e0dcec860a601b81502350b1dd.png Bosses: symbol2.png.1fd850b60d6add34b27e3a44408c48a9.png
Anakim (Lv. 118)
Antharas (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.)
Baium (Lv. 118)
Beleth (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.)
Helios (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.)
Kelbim (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.)
Lilith (Lv. 118)
Lindvior (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.)
Ramona (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.)
Trasken (Lv. 118) (Custom Lv.)


symbol1.png.ed2b01e0dcec860a601b81502350b1dd.png Features: symbol2.png.1fd850b60d6add34b27e3a44408c48a9.png
cross.png.cb482525784ef7f28ea2d572340b2b89.png New Charas start with Exalted Status, Equip and Skills.
cross.png.cb482525784ef7f28ea2d572340b2b89.png No God Jewels!
cross.png.cb482525784ef7f28ea2d572340b2b89.png Global Trade and Shout Channel
cross.png.cb482525784ef7f28ea2d572340b2b89.png Full Homunculus II Geodata
cross.png.cb482525784ef7f28ea2d572340b2b89.png Offline Trade
cross.png.cb482525784ef7f28ea2d572340b2b89.png All Time Hunting Zones work like retail only Drops are custom.
cross.png.cb482525784ef7f28ea2d572340b2b89.png GM Shop
-cross.png.cb482525784ef7f28ea2d572340b2b89.png Community Board with Drop/NPC Search, Forum, Museum, Quests, Grand Boss Status, Event Infos and more...

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Hello, Server good fixed, gm activate, easy farm, pvp, more etc ! :), premium buy or no, no High donate, its price good. Homuculs good, more good come all ❤️ , Indra - kazumi its very very good work  🙂

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On 3/28/2021 at 12:31 AM, Face said:

very bad server lots of bugs 1 year trying to fix enchant rates gm shops etc ! - rep dont even bother to join

enchant is not bugged u are just unlucky. many other people dont have issues with it.

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