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[L2J] L2Rarity

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L2 Rarity Interlude Edition 2.0

Site: https://l2rarity.com
Forum: https://l2rarity.boards.net
Discord: https://discord.gg/ex3GjXS

~Grand Opening: 27.11.2020 22:00 Moscow Time~

XP/SP/Adena/Drop x3
Spoil x5
Adena x3
Weekend Boost (all rates): x1.33
Custom Quest Rates (for better balance)
Party exp/sp - x2
Great custom features, many not available on other servers

L2 Rarity is custom low rate Interlude server created since one year.
Servers was created with cooperation with players to create perfect environment both for new and old players.
We added many custom feature with maintaining true classic (do NOT confuse with fake classic) interlude spirit.
We also offer non-pay2win donate. Premium is buyable ONLY FOR VOTE COINS (which can be also farmed). For donate you can get only less important stuff, like access to our brand new char customization system.
ChangeMe/DressMe is available only for donate. You can for example change your race visual and your weapon glow without enchanting weapon.
Some customs features: Academy Manager, Party Zones, Crafting Zones, new events, altered skill Autolearn with maintaining Spellbooks, Improved Cancellation, Progressive Buffer, Vote Rewards, Discord integration and much more.
And also new special feature: Dynasty Items and Dynasty License. You must make special quest in order to get Dynasty License. Without it you cannot wear any Dynasty Item.
Server is currently open for testing. A day before Grand Opening a wipe will be held.
You can read more specific and detailed description at server site.
Have a nice day and see you on Grand Opening!

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