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Welcome to L2Etina!

We are very excited to finally announce L2Etina, Interlude Chronicle with Classic Client like no other. There are a lot of cool features that you have never seen before in really well polished package. It took us really long time to prepare server that doesn't add new skills or changes to formulas and gameplay, while having completely redesigned look and lots of new cool features. L2Etina combines the best of both, New Game Client and Great Old Interlude, all of that in 800mb patch. We didn't stop at this though, we have added a lot of new features like Guide for new Players, Seed Auction which improves Manor, Item Search window that shows everything you need to know without leaving the game and much more. We are really excited what you guys think, please let us know!




skill51272.png.20209441be5cd35586d68e0c415b0f97.png Rates:

Experience: 3x
Skill Points: 3x
Adena Drop: 2x
Item Drop: 2x
Seal Stones Drop: 2x
Raid/Epic Boss Experience: 1x
Raid/Epic Boss Skill Points: 1x
Raid/Epic Boss Drop: 1x


skill11755.png.6073b198df93f647d3a7524cdef6e7d4.png Quest Item Drop Rate:

Dangerous Seduction: Requires first class transfer
Kamael: A Window to the Future: Requires first class transfer
Gather the Flames: 1x
Relics of the Old Empire: 1x
Alliance with Varka Silenos: 1x
Alliance with Ketra Orcs: 1x
War with Ketra: 1x
War with Varka: 1x
Third Class Quests: 1x
Seekers of the Holy Grail: 1x
Guardians of the Holy Grail: 1x
The Finest Food: 1x
Four Goblets: 1x
Legacy of Insolence: 1x
Exploration of the Giants' Cave, Part I & II: 1x
Coins of Magic: 3x
Other Quests: 2x


skill30859.png.9b63106a69647f68e518a1421df6f55e.png Enchant Rates:

Safe Enchant: +3
Safe Enchant Full-Armor: +4
Max Enchant: +16
Enchanting Chance: 66%


dual_a_mblock.png.0da3ee3b13db057a2c0e95ec25a8df5e.png Skills:

Skills learned by Skills Panel
Spell Books are required for Skill Learning
Retail amount of Buff Slots
Retail Buff Duration
Skills can be enchanted by Skills Panel


skill32706.png.2adcef0cb5b6ae83802c8611a5173dbd.png Bosses Respawn Duration:

Cabrio, Kernon, Golkonda, Hallate: 20 - 24 hours
Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 16 - 20 hours
Queen Ant: 34 - 36 hours
Orfen: 46 - 48 hours
Core: 58 - 60 hours
Zaken: 58 - 60 hours
Baium: 164 - 168 hours
Frintezza: 44 - 48 hours
Antharas: 260 - 264 hours
Valakas: 260 - 264 hours


skill11006.png.03978651c84c6ae64e9c7fb25ccd21dd.png Small Changes:

Game Accounts can be created by Account Panel
No Dual Box
No Auto Pick Up
Siege of each castle takes place every 2 weeks
First Castle Siege starts on February 5th
Heroes are selected every 2 weeks
First Olympiad Period starts on Ferbruary 1st


skill11785.png.8acc956871db57c17edd2d0bfaa725dd.png Classic Game Client:

Modern look of the game
Improved performance
No Critical Errors
Tons of new Game Settings and Interface Windows
Damage on the Screen
Healths Bars
Party Tokens
Skill Learning Panel
New Skills Enchanting
Items on Chat
Npc Debuff Info
Improved Clan Notice Editing
Quick Status Actions
Exp Bar and redesigned Main Menu
Friend Manager
Quest Areas on the Map
Redesigned Character Creation
Clan Ranking
Redesigned Past Olympiad Ranking
Colorful System Messages
No Adena Limit


skill11588.png.dd595f1120f2a026cf8946df833b2db7.png Custom Features:

Guide Window provides all important information about Lineage II and L2Etina
Soul Crystal Window shows which monsters you need to hunt and which Soul Crystal you need for your weapon
Bot Reporting Function and Smart Guard provides playing without Bots
Item Search Window allows you to find every possible source of getting item that you are interested in
Buff Store allows automatic buff sales
Offline Private Store Sales
Seed Auction allows everyone to take part in manor
Epic Zones give automatic PvP Flag
Vampiric Rage effects are decreased while hitting multiple monsters at once
Shady Man allows to purchase info about respawn of Subclass Raid Bosses & exchanges Pipette Knife for Red Pipette Knife
Shadow weapons are disabled
Fishing system is disabled


Beta Testing: 25.12.2020

Grand Opening: 01.01.2021

Visit as at https://l2etina.com






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We have decided that server will Launch on 01.01.2021. You can log one week ealier though, to check out everything on Beta Testing at 25.12.2020.

See you there!

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I invite you to check new Interlude chronicle project. I am working on this project for over 4 years.

1. Game Client:
From my side, I can guarantee improved visualization of an old game. It's not only change of interface. My patch fits in 800mb archive and works on old IL chronicle. I have made it in completely innovative way.
L2Etina patch allowes me almost unlimited possibilities of improvements and implementing every idea of players.

2. Game Server:
It took most time to develop server files, they were worked on by the best developers. I believe files are superios to any available l2java or l2off pack.

3. Why Interlude:
I believe Interlude is the most classic version of L2, that's why people keep coming back to it. Issue with IL server has always been, game engine that was built over 14 years ago.

4. Changes in L2Etina:
Considering that IL after so long time became boring from side of quests, events etc, there are improvements that doesn't involve messing with stats, skills etc. You can read all about it on L2Etina forum. Additionally, every change can be voted by players on the forum.


To sum up, I know that it's just empty words, because nobody player or check it yet. That's why i encourage(before official opening of the server) to read and propose your own ideas on the forum https://l2etina.com/forum/ It will make the game even better.

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Amount of maximum characters per player, is still undecided. We have a poll on forum about this, and thus far most players vote for server without boxes. If you share this opinion or if you dislike it, please vote on forum so we can make better informed decision.

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We plan to send 250$ to the Clan, which wins first Aden Castle Siege on L2Etina. You can check it out in here: https://l2etina.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47-250-reward-for-aden-castle-siege-winner/



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Invite for tracking forum https://l2etina.com/forum/ and discord https://discord.gg/tRgryaQH 




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