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This server is unique and is not for every players but I enjoy it so far. The slow grind makes every gear and lvl upgrade very satisfying. The community is small for now, 20-30 online during peak, but it's growing and the players are very nice and helpful. The GM is actively fixing bugs and tweaking the server. RB lvl 10 event tomorrow.


Our clan attempted a siege (with 5 low lvl players :P) last Saturday and we now have 30 members. Looking for other clans for some wars and pvp action.


Come try it and see if you love the hardcore grind!

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Posted (edited)

We would like to invite you to New RaidZone server 1x. Check out for more details below.


RaidZone x1 --Single class--


Isekai-club presents RaidZone server features


 Rates: EXP 1x, SP 1x, ADENA 1x, DROP chance 1x, SPOIL chance 1x
• Improved Classic (combination of the best features from old and new chronicles) based on classic 2.0 client
• Copy of NoAdvantage server with a bit different settings
 No dualbox allowed (HWID limit: 1, IP limit: 1)
 No Premium account
• All goods from donation (excluding visual-only cosmetic accesories) are available from Raids or can be bought for attendance coins/vote coins
• Removed system of stacking Subclass
• Removed SP scrolls drop from mobs
• EXP amount required to level up is adjusted to specific level-range
 4 months of closed beta tests
• 1 month of open beta test 
• 4 months of Live server (NoAdvantage Subtack)


By this whole time we've read a hundrets suggestions from players. We've analized them all, pick the best ones and implemented into our server. We've fixed all the reported bugs. We've invested a lot of work and effort to create something good from nothing. Therefore we have decided to open x1 rate single class server, where dualboxes are not allowed. To improve you gameplay we have prepared a lot of challenging Raids with amazing drop and exp/sp, so your grinding won't be boring and long. We've added newbie guide with basic buffs up to level 40 and 1st/2nd class buff scrolls, dropping from mobs all over the world. Attendance reward and Daily mission system will support you while your gaming. 


You should know that this is not pure classic version 2.0. We've mixed the best features of many chronicles. We've implemented skills mechanic from newest chronicles. There is also tactical aspect of pvp gameplay where general attack is not effective in PvP anymore. We've balanced whole pvp system and we are really proud of it. Average PvP time on our server takes about 3 times longer than on standard server. If you don't believe us, you can check it out on our NoAdvantage substack server. We've created Bound Pendant system to diversificate classes by boosting specific ability of your choice. We've developed mana scrolls, Hp potion and Cp potion crafting system. Mana scroll increases your mana regeneration for 60 sec, however there is 3 min reuse. We've changed some values of runes to make them more attractive and in result most of them are worthy to use. There is a lot of improvements and quality changes. 

Our classic content is based on oldest chronicles (pre-interlude) just with slightly better graphic, more features and better mechanics. Thanks to Java platform we can fix bugs a lot faster and add features more easily.


In our opinion better choice is to use re-newed oldschool car than the old corroded oldschool car ;)


Try us out on NoAdvantage substack server to know the gameplay and stay tuned for RaidZone server which will be launched in May. ETA to be announced.


~ Isekai-club ~
Servers made with passion and extraordinary ideas.

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Posted (edited)

Watch our video and visit our website to find more details. 




🥁Watch our video🥁




~ Isekai-club ~

Servers made with passion and extraordinary ideas

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