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Grand Opening 30th of October 2020 View time here


Auto Created Accounts

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Server Rates

Exp/Sp: 1000x

Safe +4 \ Max +18

Server NPCs

NPC Martha can help you to add subclass,remove and change subclass. You can get also nobless status for farm for 10k farm coins.


With NPC Lana you can see all LIVE / Dead bosses All bosses Respawn every 6hours


Dungeon: Party mode(Hard)
You can only enter this Dungeon with a full party.
There are 5 rooms of monsters that need to be cleaned up.
The mobs are x10 times stronger than the story mode.
Like the story mode, after you finish cleaning up the rooms of monsters, you have to slay the Sons of Valzeroth!
This is only the beginning though, since after you complete these 2 stages, you proceed to the final stage.....
You have to slay Eliot the Forbidden himself!
If you fail to complete the dungeon you cannot re-enter until next reset at 18:00 UTC +3
Rewards & Prizes

Dungeon: Story Mode
You get to choose 1 epic jewel which will last for the next 6 hours(Time Spend only when u use it), along with many other misc
rewards which include lifestones, book of giants, crystal scrolls and more!



NPC Oliman can give you max Buff slots 24+4
In all zones you can use this buffs except
Olympiad Upon selecting 5 Buffs before
match starts on the Arena manager
Buffer Support the following: Change to Pet/Self buffs
HP/CP/MP restore, Cancel buffs, Fighter set, Mage set, Nobless bufff, VIP buffs you can get with 2 vote coins or premium account for free.


NPC Genesis can help you to teleport in Towns and Villages
Expzones, Weekend Zones which open only in Weekends
To our custom made zones Like Special Zones, Grand Bosses, Normal Zones and PvP Zones


NPC Harnak, you can buy from B-S Items and General Misc/Dyes/Shots and Scrolls up to B Grade.
With Vote shop and Vote coins you can get BOK, Monster Weapons, Tattoo of Eliot, Crystal Scroll and Some Masks.
From Special shop you can get with Farm Coins Blessed scrolls, lifestones, monster weapons and clan eggs.
From Event shop you can get crystal scrolls, monster weapons, lifestones and auto cp potions.
From Epic shop you can get all rb jewels, rings like valakas antharas,baium, zaken and orfen with raid token.


NPC Eliot - Donate Shop is available in L2Eliot and is balanced for all to make the game fair
You can get Crystal Scrolls, LS, BOK, RB Jewels, Recoment item
You can enchant weapon and armor with Eliot Coins
You can get premium account with extra bonus rate 2% on enchant,ls,skill enchant
Premium account also gives you multiply rates 30%+
You can get all bellows :
Level up to 80
Full Clan Skills and Lvl 8
Augmentation active and passive
Enchant skills
Change sex, become noblesse, name change, name color, title color
Accessories with extra stat 100+ mdef/pdef
Beauty shop to buy uniforms (only visual no stats)

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NPC's Preview

Click on play video button to view all npcs


General Information

  • Crystal scroll on fail will drop one enchant bellow
  • Maximum Clan Slot 52
  • No alliance
  • Login Bonus Rewards
  • Clan Check In Reward
  • Auto loot
  • Buff slots 24+4
  • Subclass & Class Change Free
  • Retail Olympiads
  • Solo and Party Dungeons
  • Sieges & Manors working l2off like
  • Skills & classes based on retail l2off balance
  • Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes
  • Max subclasses 3
  • Augments 1+1
  • Economy System
  • Weekend zone with boosted drops
  • 2 Custom Eliot Bosses (Chaotic & non-Chaotic)
  • Party Zone changes every day to a new zone
  • Party Zone split to 2 parts - Normal & Chaotic
  • Olympiad Games Retail like (with some custom restrictions)
  • Epic Boss zones are Chaotic
  • Unique Gameplay
  • 3V3 & 9V9 Automated Tournament
  • Custom Party zone
  • Many more features!
  • Eliot's Custom Bosses
  • Grand Bosses
  • Custom Noblesse System
  • Eliot Dungeons
  • Weekly Olympiads

150+ Clans Registered

256.jpg 257.jpg 258.jpg 259.jpg 26.jpg 260.jpg 261.jpg 262.jpg 263.jpg 264.jpg 265.jpg 266.jpg 267.jpg 268.jpg 269.jpg 27.jpg399.jpg 4.jpg 40.jpg 400.jpg 401.jpg 402.jpg 403.jpg 404.jpg 405.jpg 406.jpg 407.jpg 408.jpg 409.jpg 41.jpg 410.jpg 411.jpg 412.jpg 413.jpg 414.jpg 415.jpg 416.jpg 417.jpg 418.jpg 419.jpg 42.jpg 420.jpg 421.jpg 422.jpg 423.jpg 424.jpg 425.jpg 426.jpg 427.jpg 428.jpg 429.jpg 43.jpg 430.jpg 431.jpg 432.jpg 433.jpg 434.jpg 435.jpg 436.jpg 437.jpg 438.jpg 439.jpg 44.jpg 440.jpg 441.jpg 442.jpg 443.jpg 444.jpg 445.jpg 446.jpg 447.jpg  449.jpg 45.jpg 450.jpg 451.jpg 452.jpg 453.jpg 454.jpg 455.jpg 456.jpg 457.jpg 458.jpg 459.jpg 46.jpg 460.jpg463.jpg 464.jpg 465.jpg 466.jpg 467.jpg 468.jpg 469.jpg 47.jpg  471.jpg 472.jpg 473.jpg 474.jpg 475.jpg 476.jpg 477.jpg 478.jpg 479.jpg 48.jpg 480.jpg 481.jpg 482.jpg 483.jpg 484.jpg 485.jpg 486.jpg 487.jpg 488.jpg 489.jpg 49.jpg 490.jpg 491.jpg 492.jpg

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i am reporting his bots


more info here

he breaks @@ like we dont know how he is or how much fail the server is

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150 clans entire L2 community from all servers worldwide will join this great project known as L2 Elliot. Europe, Russia, NA, China, Japan, even the Koreans will join. North Koreans too. 

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1 hour ago, mr zero said:

150 clans entire L2 community from all servers worldwide will join this great project known as L2 Elliot. Europe, Russia, NA, China, Japan, even the Koreans will join. North Koreans too. 

yes and i know the command too

1) //spawnfakes

2) click spawn

3) :kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus::kappa-claus:


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