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Share L2jWoD Rev.16-Stable Interlude Build

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Complete assembly with all services


  • Pernes under java 14 
  • A lot has been fixed.
  • The last thing that did not test the transfer services to KB and other donate services
  • No NPCs, everything in KB is completely
  • Multilangual

    Kernel without obfuscation, and without bindings, and without backdoors.


Also instead of a dressme system, there is now a costume system.


<set template ="true"/>
<set temp_hair="7683"/>
<set temp_face="6394"/>
<set temp_chest="6373"/>
<set temp_legs="6374"/>
<set temp_gloves="6375"/>
<set temp_feet="6376"/>


wearing any thing (a tattoo for example) can look different (bottom, top, boots, gloves, helmet and wings are also available) Not tested.


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