WTS L2 Reborn Store: Adena, Chars, Items, Epics...

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We sell in L2 Reborn x1 interlude server, at the moment we have the following things:



Hawkeye 77 + subclass quest finished (sold out)

Hawkeye 78 + subclass quest finished
Ghost Sentinel 78 + subclass quest finished (sold out)
Elven elder 76 + subclass quest finished

Warcryer 79 (COV) + subclass quest finished

Bishop 77 + subclass quest finished (sold out)

Swordsinger 76 + subclass quest finished (sold out)

Bladedancer 76 + subclass quest finished (sold out)

Arcana Lord 76 + subclass quest finished (sold out)


Epic Jewels:

Queent ant


Baium (sold out)



Draconic bow focus (sold out)

Arcana mace acumen

Angel Slayer critical damage

Halberd (sold out)

Homunkulus (sold out)

Club of nature (sold out)

Armors A/B grade:

Majestic Light (sold out)
Dark crystal Robe

Majestic Robe

Tallum Heavy

Majestic Heavy
Blue Wolf Robe (sold out)

Blue Wolf Heavy (sold out)
Tateossian Jewel Set

Majestic Jewel Set

Black ore Jewel Set (sold out)

Armors C grade:

Plated leather sets x3 (sold out)

Karmian sets x4 (sold out)
Full palte sets x2 (sold out)
C luxury jewels x9 complete sets (sold out)



Over 700kk stock


We accept Skrill and Paypal as payment methods, we can use middleman of your choice (a known one in MXC).

i don't answer PMs, contact me by discord:  McMago#4491

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