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Discord: https://discord.gg/kt8CruR

New international retail like server.
Our goal is to make a project that will last for 2+ years,
with no wipes,no p2w donations and to offer to 
our players a very good server to play and enjoy the game at the most!
On L2Blade we have a referral & streamer reward system,
active GM Team, anti-bot protection 
in game+client & DDOS protection.

Server rates:
Exp/Sp x2
Adena x2
Drop x2
Spoil x2
Seal stones x2
Raidboss exp/sp x2
Raidboss drop x1
Manor x1
Quest x1
Enchant safe: +3
Enchant max: +16

Server infos:
Buff: 20+4
Buff time: retail
Debuff: 8
Max clients per pc: 2
Epic RB's spawn time: retail
Olympiad: Every month
Olympiad clients per pc: 1
Castle sieges: every 2 weeks

.premium or .pa

Grand Opening:
23rd October!
For more info join our

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Dear warrior,
If you choose to play on L2Blade.
Let us tell you some usefull informations about our server.
L2Blade is a long term project 2 years+ with no bots, no RMT, no p2w donations and a very helpfull and active GM team as well as a helpfull community.
L2Blade team create this project not to make money out of it but just with love for our favourite game.
You can support our server by voting on top sites, by live streaming, by referring your friends to L2Blade or by donating.

Good luck on your journey
Kind regards,
L2Blade Team.

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Avoid to play on this server!




I started playing here, did clan and tried to support all ppl that joined it.

I promoted this server on many platforms and hoped to reach success.

I put my words in some discussions about this server to try help it get out of their trouble.

I received free vip on discord and in game for my help.


Server had some strange configurations and we all reported that.

The answer was that all configs are Retail like and we are the ones that dont know how retail work.


But when server started to go down in population, GM started to do desperate changes.

I blamed those changes with the will to help them remain relevant. But nobody care.

GM started to remove messages on discord that he didnt like on the reason of "they flame". So once again i blamed his actions.


I got contacted in private by second GM which i asked where did he came from (cuz was the first time he write something) and told him that i suspect both GM accounts as being 1 person only. (all this chat was private)

For that i got banned in their discord. 


Based on this communist attitude u pick, whoever think that joining u is an option could be called nuts.


Server probably runs on L2Lucera and there is no GM that will develop anything more than whats on the basic project.

Discord had 3 "GM's" online but only 1 is active. In game i never saw one.


i attached the conversation that bring me ban. =)


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1.You get reward for advertise our server, as we also have referral and streamers reward.
2.There are no "strange configs" on server but every player has his own settings on his mind.
3.Server is retail like as it comes for the configs and settings.
4.The changes we made was not desperate we just improve some stuff here and our community is growing every day.
5.We respect our players that includes you as well and always listen our players voice.
6.We have discord and game rules which you broke and we have to remove ironic msgs plus you get warned before you got banned.
7.Your last replies to players msgs was not helping our server, everything you reply was attacking our server and goes against our rules.
8.When you stop play in our server you start attacking us for no reason and after so many times you make ironic post you gave us no other option but to ban you from discord.
9.After you got banned from discord you make new disc account and try to attack us again on discord anf fb page.
10.Our pack developer supports our project 24/7.
11.You didnt got banned for the conv but for disrespecting our time and our effort.
12.Thank you very much for playing in our server and wish you good luck in your future plans.
13.L2Blade is a f2p server not a 3-4 months money maker server and we make this project with love to our fav game as we pay for server expenses and players donations goes for server advertisment.

P.S:You make fake accounts on discord and join back again and fake accounts on fb and want the community
to believe you?
You make so much drama and attack so much our server cause we make some changes you didnt like?
Come on, you are admin from another server? Or developer of acis pack and cooporate with another server
and didnt like the idea Lucera files dev is improving them and have good support?

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1. no one said the opposite .

2/3  ur server is using default configuration, that's not retail like.

4 doings changes just like that when your only 15 active players ask you not to, is not desperate? mkay

5 deleting posts in discord that only pointed on your mistakes or problems and blaming them for flame means respect to your players? 

6 i never got warned. u just asked why i am not promoting the server anymore (which the answer was obvious, cuz i am not promoting a server u are killing) and my ban came after my last msg you see in that picture.  At 9:09 AM "loki" presented himself and by that time i could still post. after my reply at 1:06pm u banned and blocked me on ur both accounts (Nestor + Loki) + Server discord. so the reason u did that was because u got mad on my last msg not one in between that time especially when i was afk and couldnt do any post. so cut the crap with "i was attacking the server". 

7/8 you just confirmed my above statement. you got mad cuz i was ironic on ur changes and the fact that u deleted some guys replies u didnt like (guess they are also banned since they never posted again after that). if i play ur server and i got no right to talk about your changes that affect my gameplay, that is called dictatorship.

9 after i got banned on discord i tried to log with a different account to see the reason for my ban. but you just banned me again. Yes, after i started to post the above statement on all the platforms i could find ur server, so people know the truth.

10. ur pack developer does not exist. stop dreaming

11 so i wasnt banned for convo but my convo was disrespectful so i got banned. does that make any sense to you ? (consider 7/8)

12 i dont need ur luck because u got none.

13 no one asked 


PS those are MY accounts. if 2 discord accounts and 1 facebook means FAKE ACCOUNTS, guess you got some real issues.


Community dont have to believe me, member since january 2009 with 2514 posts, they can believe you with 5 posts and   Basileiou Posts: whose only posts are made here, which is not a fake account ofc  , but get convinced right away after 1 hour of play on ur server.


I got no time for drama atm, but since u banned me FOR NO REASON, that is enough for me to show the truth about ur server. And no, i'm not attacking it. Stop using this word like i do anything more than a post on ur every platform. 


I mentioned Lucera because people know this project and they know its flaws/bugs. This way they can convince themselves if ur server is "retail like" or not, and if u got a "pack developer" who fixed at least 1 bug that exist in those server files. 

but you kinda proved here with "lucera has good support" that you have no developer, only lucera's good support helps u


I am no admin on any server and i'm no developer in aCis. everybody knows that. 

and i dont care if lucera get better or not. but i was an active player that promoted ur server on all platforms (forums/facebook/stream)  you said that as well (since u rewarded me for that - check 1)


accept the fact that ur mistakes are not always let behind. sometimes the ones you see smaller than u got bigger teeth


ps2: i will reply only here (on mxc) since my intention is not to spam on u, but if any of my messages get removed  (from other platforms)i will add them back.

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Hello and from me i am very excited from the staff and server. Staff is very good kind and about this server i think they work too much on it i didnt find any bug and its really good for them..

Gl very good keep up like this and i hope to bring more ppl in the server. 👌👍

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12 hours ago, Zortoula7 said:

Its a really nice server, no bugs found, so helpful staff with so fast responds. I really appreciate .. 
Good Luck on your project guys!! KEEP UP !!! 👌👍💙

Me and the rest of L2Blade team wanna thank you for your kind words as well to welcome you and your friends to L2Blade.
Good luck on your journey and we hope to enjoy playing on our server!!!

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