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Hello guys, I haven't give it up in my project of running my custom network bot in a specific server. Today I bring you a capture of network traffic of 2 clients. The first 4 rows are showing my first try to connect to that server with my custom client (which is not working) and the following rows are showing the second try (this time from the l2 client provided by the guys owning the server) which follows the correct login process up to the server selection screen.




So if we look at the 3 first rows of each call, they are likely the same length and there’s no errors so it seems that the first steps of the network interaction are ok. The issue is happening on the 4th which is the packet that contains the GameGuard.

My question then is: is it possible that they are using a custom gameguard? (originally the l2net was not as big as this one which is 322 bytes long and now I'm only filling with 0s to match the length that this custom server is using)


In an affirmative case, is it possible to retrieve that gameguard somewhere? Thanks a lot.

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