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Discussion Throws error with integrated graphic

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Hello fellas.


Anybody had the same problem with running Lineage 2 client in notebooks with Intel integrated graphics like this?




If press OK in this window then client continues to start and after works fine. But how to fix this error i did not found the solution.


What i did:

  • Installed DirectX via Microsoft Web installer (nothing chages);
  • Installed Acer VGA drivers from official site (nothing changes);
  • Installed official Intel VGA chipset drivers for Intel Graphics 505 (nothing changes);
  • Checked dxdiag properties (all features is enable).


This happens with any Lineage 2 clients up to High Five. The newest didn't checked, but sure what will the same behavior.


Will glad for any helps from you. Thanks in advance.

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2 hours ago, AlmostGood said:

for h5, edit in hex editor and:

find F7839C410000001000007415, and change to: F7839C410000001000009090


I only blocked the JZ jump and this still produced error. Now i see where the second place.

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It's a common error. I remember there was an option to increase integrated graphics' memory or checked something somewhere, something like that. That helped me on an old laptop.

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