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[L2J]NoAdvantage Substack

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Hello guys i wanna to leave some possitive comments and my opinion about NoAdventage x3 StackSub , i playing from last 5 days-For me Moust Important No any possible/way P2W/BOTS/Adrenalina!! what give us the feeling after some hours spending on farm and finaly get dreamy weapon/armor c/b/a and be te first who get it with out just 10 euro trade on paypal because i can.-Some Other Thinks Aboug Game , for me after 6days testing on OBT i say there no OP class who kill all , Like old school there you can find antyclass for every class i would say is NICE because all stacksub are PLAYABLE like support where on moust server support only for box but on the NoAdvantage with some changess we have possibility to play active supp as well, everyone who like too play on active supp should understand :D- Farming on low lvl is no hard we have some newbie buff till 40 with heal cubic is helpufll on solo and party , we get no grade ss and bss 10k , next think is good choice to take right pedant ATM i prefer for any melee class Angelic Pedand of Guardian + 50% dmg vs undead, giant spear and easy train on low lvl Abadonet Camp for example for mage this pedant is nice too but after some spell no mana and other think u can pick Angelic Pedandt Calmnes with give +500% Mp regen , dependt on much this with we need to pick smart and everythink work OK for example SORC/NECRO pedant gaurdian for dmg EE/SE Calmnes +500% MP regen same way on Melee. PEDANT is POSSIBLE TO PICK ON 1lvl GIRAN.-To get adena is not a problem we can get lots of d grade drop have nice chance to drop in some places . At the moment im 34 lvl on artisam i farming with pole on aoe after 20 lvl, i play with 5 friends and i have to say there will be lot of fun :D, till now everythink look like old good Lineage 2 and now i Would to invite every Person who searching for server with u can spend some hours for farming and after some months i think max 3 because its Life for 85% of servers all rest is RUSS and all know what happen and how its look THAT WHY we NEED TO PROMOTE NoAdvantage LONG LIFE SERVER !!! WITHOUT CORRUPTION !! sry for my Eng 😛

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No-Advantage Classic Substack Server Isekai-club

One day I was looking at L2 servers, I did not want to start on any, I was just bored and browsing.

The name 'No-Advantage substack x3' caught my eye, so I looked a bit harder, the GMs promised no bots, no corruption, no pay to win. So far so good I thought to myself, the concept of the server also appealed to me sub at level 40 and have two almost independent char at different levels with combined skills, and have the ability to change out your sub at any time for free. Being able to have a level 40 char on main and level 80 skills on sub (once you collected all the sp) was a genius idea.

I am an old time Infinity player so I am not new to the idea of substacking, but the way it has been implemented on the Isekai server made so much more sense to me, so I downloaded the required files and started playing.

The server runs on Classic v2.0, I had never played this and looking at the in game map I saw that it was almost like old C4, that brought a smile to my face! X3 rates might seem too low in this day and age where everyone wants high level and best gear in days, but it's not bad. You are provided with xp scrolls in your starter pack which boost your xp gain and daily login bonus of xp enhancing candies. So you can xp quick enough to keep you interested. I must add that this is a 1 + 1 server so you can make a buffer/healer if you want at the same time. Teleporting is free up to level 40 so it is no problem getting your chars together to xp at the same time. At level 6 you can use the newbie buffers in town.

At level 25 you can do the Moon Armour quest to get top D grade armour, it's an easy and quick quest, it would be good if there was similar quest for a weapon.

I found the levelling experience nice and easy and enjoyed just playing solo, remembering old times on Infinity x5, then I started thinking it would be good to join some clan, that also was pretty easy, although the server population is low at the moment the people there are pretty active. I joined up and there was a few people about my level so let the partying begin! Before long we started doing Raid Bosses, now the levels went fast and I had my sub quickly. I choose Try/Des as I thought I could help out with RBs, but after a day I realised that my original idea of Try/Wc would of been a better option for my play style. So I went and changed my sub, no problem. Of course I lost the sp that I spent on Destro skills, but that was not a problem. Every 24 hours you can claim a sp scroll worth 1000000 sp, which is not a huge amount, but it is enough to learn a few extra skills a day, the sp scrolls cost 10.000a and are located in your skills area.

There are many customised things on this server, like the sp scrolls. Argonaut skills are learned with coins that come in your starter package, be careful what you learn as these cannot be relearned, so read what they do first, unlike me! There is a quiz every Saturday, on Discord(Isekai-Club), with in game prizes, Olympiad bookmaker, own events with prizes as well. The Own Events are great fun and set out for different levels, they are usually in the form of spawning an epic rb, for instance Baium was spawned and all players who wanted to participate got teleported to Baium's chamber. All players who stayed to the end received a gift. It was a lot of fun and keeps you interested. There are many others as well. Check out the web site Isekai-club.com

Now I am not saying the server is without it's faults, there are issues with the 3rd class quest, however you can get this with attendance coins, which are part of your daily login awards. ToI can sometimes have terrible lag, and there are small things here and there. But to be honest I have found the small issues do not detract from the overall playing experience. The GM listens to what the problem is and will do their best to address it, what is a problem is the small population. This is to be expected in a new server of course and people come and go. We as a clan do try to help new players as much as we can.

The GM when online, I have found to be pleasant, helpful and tries hard to fix issues and concerns of the players. He does not play on the server and is not part of a clan, unlike other GM's I could mention ;) You can donate to the server and receive various rewards, such as agathions, costumes and disposables such as my teleport scrolls. No pay 2 win. The only advantage would be a premium account which affords you extra xp and sp. Overall I enjoy playing this server, my clan are good people and help all in and out of clan, 'no-one gets left behind.' Come and give it a shot, remember what L2 used to be like and lets build a great server and a community of wonderful people.

Chiana tyr/wc

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🏰"To help the new clan" Contest
We know how hard it is to bring new people to the server, so we decided to help the clans by organizing a small Contest.


🔨Terms and conditions:
• Bring friends and create a clan of at least 30 people. 
•  Clan will receive our support in the form of a reward.
• If the clan exceeds 30 active players (does not apply to dualboxes), leader and clan members receive support from us.


🆘️Starter pack for new clans:
• Level 3 clan & crp for skills.
• Premium account of 1 month for every clan member.
• 50kk for the development of the clan.
• Clan Hall of your choice.


Thank you for supporting us in every possible way. 


📉After almost 2️⃣months of live server:
▪︎the highest level of main class is 79 (1 player)
▪︎the highest equipment is B grade 
▪︎the highest enchant of C grade weapon is 8 (prop. 3 people)
▪︎the highest enchant of B grade weapon is 5
▪︎nobody has any Epic jewelery 
▪︎on-line is diversified and depending on the time of day (mostly casuals are playing here), the biggest amount of players is at weekend (on Sunday)
▪︎there are 4 medium clans:
- VipAsses (International)
- Alternative (Polish)
- Thelasthope (International)
- Todopoderoso (South America)
- and a few small ones

As you see there is no rush. People help each other, there is a friendly atmosphere.

It's very easy to level up your character for killing Raid bosses. 


Enjoy your stay and have fun

Isekai Team 

Edited by NoAdvantage

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The real fight for A-grade items has begun. The update was implemented two days ago.


Join the best long term project with perfect files.


Many things can be done if someone cares about the development of the server and own development, not easy earning of money from people. Crying and complaining all the time will not bring entertainment, especially listening to people who do not know the game in 1%.


Professionals invite you to the world of magic in a modern edition of the well-known game from 2003. Let our creation and innovation absorb you to the rest. Try before you give any opinion. Because without a try there is no opinion and the opinion of others means nothing.


We wish you successful and enjoyable game.

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Posted (edited)


NoAdvantage [ x3 ] Improved Classic 2.0 Substack 1+1 same race ➡️ LIVE ON-LINE 3 months!
• Revamped old & brand New Skills.
• Base stats distribution system.
•  No cash grab, No p2w, No GM shop, No GM buffer.
• Improved Buff Scrolls. 
• Offline Shops.
• IG Drop calculator.
• Max Enchant +8 (success rate 33%).
• Max level 80.
• Olympiad in C grade items (non-enchanted).
• Free substack at level 40.
• Scrolls of mana.
• Pendants to diversificate classes.
• Stats distribution system (Argonaut skills).
• Greatly increased physical evasion in PvP (you should use only skills in PvP)
• Easy exp/farm on Raid Bosses.
• Added new locations with Powerful Raids (end-game content).
• and more...


Gather your party and become strong faster than you expect.


Join the best substack server
Isekai Team

Edited by NoAdvantage

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Posted (edited)

Spanish / English / Russian 


Nuevos desafíos, RB fuerte, muchas cosas por hacer, servidor con perspectiva durante años, hecho con pasión y compromiso.


Ayuda a otros en la batalla por artículos de grado A o crea tu propio clan y arrebata todo de las manos del enemigo.


El equipo de trabajo duro te invita al mejor proyecto a largo plazo.


No te lo pierdas
Equipo Isekai
New challenges, strong RB, a lot of things to do, server with a perspective for years, made with passion and commitment. 


Help others in the battle for A grade items or make your own clan and grab all from the enemy's hands. 


Feel like you were in the old days.

Hard working team invites you to the best long-term project.


Don't miss it up
Isekai Team 
Новые задачи, сильная репутация, много дел, сервер с перспективой на годы, сделанный с энтузиазмом и целеустремленностью.


Помогите другим в битве за предметы ранга A или создайте собственный клан и заберите все из рук врага.


Трудолюбивая команда приглашает вас на лучший долгосрочный проект.


Не пропустите
Isekai Team

Edited by NoAdvantage

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