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high five [L2J] L2 Ladial


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Chronicle: High Five Part 5


Rates x15 - Adena x10 - Spoil x10 - Keys x1 - Rec x1,5.
[1 to 78 = Exp x15] [78 to 80 = Exp x10] [80 to 82 = Exp x9] [82 to 83 = Exp x8] [83 to 85 = Exp x7]


Grand Open 2 October 19 hours GMT-3

Website : https://www.l2ladyal.com/

Discord : https://discord.gg/FZNDTNc


We will have a reward for money at 1st lv85 of the server.
AutoLearn Skill up to Level 81.
Forgottens and Divine Inspiration will be obtained via Voto-Eventos or Farm retail + additional spots.
Clan halls special for clans (Ladyal style 2011)
At the class level we do a boost in SWS - BD - ENANOS.
Each archer hits what corresponds according to the chronicle and his statistics
Each magician is correctly balanced according to his statistics
Kamaels have the skills from H5 Part 5 to learn.
We are going to provide a unique client with an interface to be able to use "The toogle macro" we will make an explanation for everyone to use it.
Broadly speaking, it is a kind of basic auto-arm.

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