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Share Classic Interface Interlude Automatic Functions

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Hello Folks once again im going to share now the Classic Version the reason im sharing this stuff as i mentioned before the logs are writed on Essence Share i've did           Download: Hidden Content. You need to become VIP Member in order to view this.   Mirror:  Hidden Content. You need to become VIP Member in order to view this.   to get the link react & reply

Keep it in English please!   @Sanyol Thank you for sharing with our community!

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1 hour ago, wellintonjf said:

I should put my credits because I did it all and I don't know what protection you removed to have credits because she doesn't even have protection kkkkk



What do you mean exactly?


if ( UnknownFunction132(UnknownFunction132(UnknownFunction132(UnknownFunction132(UnknownFunction132(UnknownFunction122(UserInfo.Name,"1234"),UnknownFunction122(UserInfo.Name,"12345678912")),UnknownFunction122(UserInfo.Name,"1234567891r")),UnknownFunction122(UserInfo.Name,"123")),UnknownFunction122(UserInfo.Name,"1234")),UnknownFunction122(UserInfo.Name,"1234567")) ) { goto JL00BA; }


Edited by Sanyol

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2 minutes ago, wellintonjf said:

Even my 6 year old daughter takes it off kkkk


but you've said you made it by your own if it was yours you would had used your own codes and not copying mine :laughing:

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3 minutos atrás, Sanyol disse:


mas você disse que fez por conta própria se fosse seu você teria usado seus próprios códigos e não copiar o meu :laughing:

Skillgrp fez também? Kkkk seu nome ta ai?
Fique a vontade de que não jogo mais l2 só
não ganhe fama nas coisas que não fez kkkk Sucesso e abraços

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Just now, wellintonjf said:

Skillgrp did too? Kkkk your name is there?
Feel free not to play l2 anymore just
don't get fame in the things you didn't do kkkk Success and hugs


i do not care about your skillgrp or etc as you can see i've shared the interface only without your skillgrp

as long there are mine codes i sharing it for everyone when you realize making something based on your own then i will simply respect your work

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Dois minutos atrás, Sanyol disse:


Eu não me importo com o seu skillgrp ou etc como você pode ver eu compartilhei a interface apenas sem o seu skillgrp

enquanto houver códigos meus eu compartilhá-lo para todos quando você perceber que fazer algo baseado em seu próprio então eu simplesmente respeitarei o seu trabalho

Ok sem problemas

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