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Hello guys, I am trying to add an effect to an NPC, this effect: http://prntscr.com/txai7q

The problem is that this NPC does not have a Mommy bone so when I attach the effect to another bone, the effect moves with NPC's animations while I want it to be stable. Anyone knows how I can create a Mommy bone? I tried to copy from another NPC but then the rotation of the NPC breaks: http://prntscr.com/txajkd

All I want is to add a Mommy bone which must not be affected by NPC's animations.

Thank you

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5 hours ago, SGER@fjs said:


change "AttachToBone(LeftEmitter, 'bone');"

for "LeftEmitter.SetBase(self);"


This solution won't work cause all bones of NPCs were used for animation so the effect would be moveable no matter what. I fixed the issue by creating a new mommy bone. Thanks

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