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Share Lineage 2 Login Screen Collection for H5

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In this topic I am going to share all "The Chaotic Throne" Login Screen Files, which can be used with the High Five Client without having any problems at all. This way you can enjoy your favorite Login Screen of the past one more time! :)


If you encounter problems with lightning, lobby too dark or too bright, just change the values in your "" file located in your system folder. 

Note: Each pack contains one Login Screen, Selection Screen and Background Music. Window style won't change! To unpack, use WinRar or 7zip. To install, simply unpack all files into the root folder of your Lineage 2 High Five copy. All files are password protected!*

Note: This pack is for High Five only! Using  those Login Screens with clients below TCT 1.0 "The Kamael" may result in a criticall error. Your client won't be able to start up anymore!



Official Lineage 2 The Chaotic Chronicle Login Screens:


You can also use older login screens with your High Five client. Such as the ones from the Chaotic Chronicle series. Just keep in mind that you will need a patch for those to fix the character display issue at the character selection screen. You can find everything in my other topic, which is located here: Chaotic Chronicle Lobby Collection


Official Lineage 2 The Chaotic Throne Login Screens:

Lineage-2-2-1-0-0-TCT-1-0-The-Kamael-Log Lineage-2-2-1-5-0-TCT-1-5-The-Kamael-Hel Lineage-2-2-2-1-0-TCT-2-1-Gracia-Part-1-

                    The Kamael                  The Kamael Hellbound                 Gracia Part 1 + 2            

Lineage-2-2-2-3-0-TCT-2-3-Gracia-Final-L Lineage-2-2-2-4-0-TCT-2-4-Gracia-Epilogu Lineage-2-2-2-5-0-TCT-2-5-Freya-Login-Sc

      Gracia Final                         Gracia Epilogue                            Freya            

Lineage-2-2-2-6-1-TCT-2-6-Freya-Annivers Lineage-2-2-2-6-3-TCT-2-6-Freya-High-Fiv Lineage-2-2-2-6-5-TCT-2-6-Freya-High-Fiv

            High Five Part 1-2                  High Five Part 3-4                     High Five Part 5            


Custom Lineage 2 The Chaotic Throne Login Screens:

Lobby-Info-Custom-P1.png Lobby-Info-Custom-P2.png Lobby-Info-High-Five-Custom-Lobby.png

     Gracia Part 1 Custom              Gracia Part 2 Custom               Summer Beach          

h5p2.png h5p3.png Lobby-Info-H5-Custom-Halo.png

         High Five Part 2 Custom        High Five Part 3 Custom            High Five Halo :D                 


*NOTE:  Each repack is password protected and, for the moment, available for active users only! You need to contribute, share, help, create something related to L2 here on MXC! Leave me a message. I will send you the corresponding password, if you meet the conditions. You can share - for example - missing clients and systems. See this TOPIC for more information. You are not allowed to share passwords among other users!  All passwords will eventually go public after the mentioned client collection is complete.



Finn (Off/Custom LS)L2Dex (GP2 Custom LS), SCRYDE (H5 Summer LS)

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Two additional Login Screens added:


 - Gracia Part 1 Custom: Gludio Airship Field

 - Gracia Part 2 Custom: Official LS Variation

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Three additional custom login screens added:


 - High Five Part 2 (off part 1 variation)

 - High Five Part 3 (off part 1 variation)

 - High Five Halo (off part 1 variation)

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