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[L2J] Rise of Phoenix

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Dear players we present you our newest server !




Chronicle: High Five Part 5

Open Beta Testing: August 15 2020 at 18: 00 (UTC+01:00) Time.
Opening Date: August 31, 2020 at 20: 00 (UTC+01:00) Time



website :https://l2riseofphoenix.com/

forum : https://forum.l2riseofphoenix.com/



etc_trans_4f_s_b_01.png Basic Rates etc_trans_4f_s_b_01.png
experience : x25
skill points: x25
adena: x8
drop: x8 (recs-keys 1x)
spoil: x8
safe enchant: 4
max enchant: 16
normal ecroll enchant rate: 60%
blessed scroll enchant rate: 65%

element stone rate: 40%
element crystal rate: 30%




etc_trans_4f_s_b_01.png Server Informations etc_trans_4f_s_b_01.png

sieges and territory wars every weekend
2 Weeks Olympiad : every 1st and 15th of the month there will be new heroes.
Olympiads Max Enchant +6
Buffs, Dances and Songs 2 hours
Gm-Shop up to S-grade
Alt+B community buffer

Shift and click attribute system
Sub-Class without quest, Max sub Level 85
weekly 9vs9 , 3vs3 , 1vs1 tournament

Shift and click attribute system
Stable and fun to play server with many features (
Donations will be only to maintenance the server stability .)


all_inform.png Commands all_inform.png

  .acp - Automatic potions      

.whoami - Player stats         

     .pa -  Premium expiration date

         .cfg - Custom server commands 

       .repair - Unstuck your character

               .lock - Protect your account hwid/ip

.offline - Set offline store     

                       .password - Add new account password











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Open beta successfully started today, we welcome you all to test our features and if you feel that you found a bug please report it on our forum and we will start looking on it ! 

All beta tester will win rewards on grand opening stay tune and enjoy our server !



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Server successfully launched maybe we didn't not get a great amount of players but the people that joined are satisfied if you would like to test our server and see by your self on what we can offer you feel free :)

Big events are coming be there to earn your rewards and much more !
We build a server for players not for money 


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