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WTS NEW Updater / Launcher & Logo

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Ave you made my day and night with this incredible work! Thank you so much, I appreciate it a lot! The amount of help and efficiency is incredible, one of the favorite ones to work with! Totally recommended! 

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I would like to offer You my NEW Updater / Launcher with custom skins.   BASIC FEATURES: - no virus detections, - automatic patch check, - automatic patch download on new release, - automatic soft files check / manual hard files check, - install full game client as option, - fast download, - no disconnections on small files = no slow downs, - the fastest files check = check full game client of 50GB in just few sec., - full control of Your patch link, - the fastest p

You still owe me 60 euro logo from 2018

Very professional work and very fast delivery , in two hours i got what i asked for. I highly recommend it.

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Could You please  tell me in which part of our conversation I treated You like "an idiot" or "an asshole"?



I gave You simple information that I DON'T KEEP RANDOM PPL on my contact list for simple reason - I keep on getting random invites like that and for most time, ppl won't even answer my msg's afterwards.
Try to image keeping all random invites like that on my contact list - I wouldn't even be able to recognize my own ACTUAL CUSTOMERS.

If You really couldn't understand that and You thought it was some kind attack from my end at Your person, then sorry, I didn't ment to do that, but at this point it was better to call me "IDIOT" and "ASSHOLE", right? 

I gave You simple solution - keep me on Your contact list as long as You like, and send me re-invitation whenever You are ready. I don't care if You need 1-2 days, 1-2 weeks or 1-2 months. I belive it's NOT ONLY ME who works like that - other sellers probably do the same thing.
All my customers understands that and there was no problem, but I guess not with You...

Anyway, good luck with Your server project and find Yourself a better designer for Your project. Mxc is full of them.

APPARENTLY I've missed to post WHOLE conversation and message where I was acting like an asshole, so I've included whole conversation.

Edited by Ave

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