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~[guide] GTA SA/MTA SA~

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GTA SA modificats...

1: Change graphics: adds cars reflection, bloom, ambient occlusion, indirect lightning, soft shadowing, color correction, motion blur Download

2: This mod replace weapon sound of gta san andreas to counter-strike 1.6 weapon sound. Download

3: All cars have 4x4 Download

4: An Army Mod Including all sorts of things Download

5: This MOD will increase the speed of most of the bikes to 9999 km/h.Download

6: cops move like they are blind Download

7: Countryside weather settings are used throughout San Andreas, eliminating the horrible orange/red color seen in Los Santos and the desert region.download

8: This is a handy table with all the colours in the carcols.dat file so you can see what colours you change the cars to, also it adds 13 new colours.Download

9:This mod will increase the speed of the fast cars such as Infernus,banshee,Hotring etc to 9999km/h. Download

10: It's Fuel/Gas Mod for GTA SA!Download







1: Maximum all STATS (except fat), NO VEHICLES in garages, ALL JUMPS ALL OYSTERS ALL SNAPShOTS


this is so cool.


NO GANG WARS. (if u want, start your own)(Ultimate Saved Game) Download


2: a 100% saved game "The End of Line" all gang territories taken Download




Cheats For GTA SA(CODS)




MTA(Muti theft auto) multiplayer


Download MTA SA




MTA SA hacks:


SA-MP Trainer

- Money hack

- Health hack

- Colpi infiniti senza ricaricare

- Super pugno

- Infinito ossigeno

- Super salto

- Set di armi 1, 2 e 3Download






Support for GTA:SA and SA-MP

Max Stamina

Cars Can Fly (Binded to Numpad 6)

Boats Can Fly

Infinite Health (Binded to Numpad 2)

Mega Jump (Binded to Numpad 8 )

All Cars Have Nitro

Mega Punch

Infinite Ammo / No Reload (Binded to Numpad 4)

Set Money

Give Weapon Download


Mod Cleo 3 Vehicle SpawnerDownload





And Some Tricks...









Good game/hack/tricks

Waitinig your credits...

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It's a little old but I think it's ok...

Well it's a very interesting topic but PLEASE change the colors... It's harmfull for our eyes!!!

Something else... Do u know how this guy is doing this tricks with his motorbike in the 7th video??

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