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Help Monsters Run/Walk State & Swimming in Catacombs/Necropolis


Hello Guys,

I'm like a dinosaur in the lineage 2 world (postpacific era) and I want to make a server to play with my family and some old friends... L2OFF is not an option because the server I want to use is running linux with a minecraft server, so l2j is the best option!


I'm testing the L2Scripts with GOD mod sources shared here in the forum because for some comments I see that the best, or more complete H5 sources are from L2Scripts? well, I compiled the sources, setup the server, patch the client (H5 Client with protocol 268) etc. and everything is working as planned but I see some problems and I don't know from where to start to fix this problems, this is why I need some help/advice.


1- Summons/Monsters don't Run (Same problem reported Here) @addx20 found the solution but he don't post how he fix this problem.

2- Swimming out of the Catacombs/Necropolis is not possible in l2j? I have some experience with geodatas (I wrote this guide years ago: How to create your own geodata) but I think this is an l2j geoengine problem?


Please don't be rude, I am on the learning curve (again) about l2 dev :)



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I had forgotten how collaborative the Lineage 2 community is :laughing:. well it doesn't matter...

Solution for problem 1:

Check in Servitor.java & NpcInstance.java for changeMovePacket


Now looking for problem 2.


If you are using this source and have found any problem, please post here what you found (with or without solution) I can take a look and post a solution.

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Well, some ppl ask me how I fix this monster run/walk problem...


Search in Servitor.java & NpcInstance.java for changeMovePacket and replace with:


    protected L2GameServerPacket changeMovePacket()
        if (isHFClient()) {
            return super.changeMovePacket();
        } else {
            return new NpcInfoState(this);

I fixed many other problems, but the truth is that it is not worth working on L2J servers... I deleted this project and started again from 0 using Gracia Epilogue + @eressea extender. Me and my friends couldn't be happier with the results.

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