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[L2J] Lineage 2 Epic

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Lineage 2 Epic is an International mid-rate interlude server runing [JAVA FILES),
has been carefully developed and tested for your ultimate gaming experience. With more that four
years of developing experience and much more yers as players , Lineage 2 Epic team guarantees you a smooth gameplay,lag-less and bug-free

Grand Opening: 09.08.2020! 16:00 GMT+2



All new characters on Epic [x30] server will receive premium account  for 7 days !!!

Each player who signs up for the forum will receive a coin premium (coin allows you to activate a premium account for 3 days)




- EXP/SP x30
- Drop (adena) x25
- Drop (items): 10x
- Spoil x15 Chance x1 Amount x5
- Seal Stones x3
- Recipes (drop/spoil) x2
- Keymats (drop/spoil) x2
- Herbs x2
- Manor x2

- Safe Enchant +3
- Max Enchant +16
- Normal Scroll 55%
- Blessed Scroll 66%

- Mana Drug (Craft potions , 15 seconds Cooldown
- Auto Learn Skills (Divine inspiration not included)
- Buff Slots (20+4,+4 extra if you are a member of a lvl clan 5)
- Buff Duration (Buffs 59 min, Dance/Songs/Resist 19 min Prophecy/Queen/Seraphim 4 min)

- Buffer Use Command (.buff)
- Global GateKeepers Use Command (.gatekeeper)
- Shop Use Command (.shop)
- Status Boss Use Command (.boss)
- Bank System Use Command (.bank)
- Market System Use Command (.market)

- B-Grade Weapon/Armors (in shop)
- Required Clan Level (to bid for a Clan Hall is 5)
- Retail Seven Sings (Registration opens 1th of August, first Mammons 9th of August)
- Stackable Items (Spellbooks, Book of Giants, Lifestones, Enchant Scrolls)
- Geodata and Pathnodes - (Retail)
- Multibox - (3 game windows per HWID)
- Offline Stores - (Lv 70 Required)
- Shift + Click - (Droplist on Monsters)
- Voting System - (Vote Reward System with a 12h Voting Token as reward and one )  Voting Treasure




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