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 Safe Enchant: 3 / Max Enchant: 13 / 16 with Crystals
- Change for Normal Scrolls: 60% / 100% with Blessed / 50% with Crystals
- Instant 80 Lvl
- Easy farm.
- Special custom bosses.
- Password changer in game.
- Spawn protection.
- Main town is Giran.
- Special Anti-Feed System.
- Automated character services..
- There is a system based armor penalty on armor penalty which means 'offensive characters' can't wear heavy armors.
- Augmention system is limited yo one buff (one active OR one passive), and the change to get a skill in the augmentation procces is 7% for High Stone and 15% for the Top Stone
- Buff time 2h.
- Auto loot from mobs.
- No auto loot from raids.
- No weight / No penalty.
- PvP/Pk Color System.
- Special features for newbies.
- Custom Talking Commands.
- Automated Events.
- Custom tattos.
- Special Level Manager.
- 50 buff slots / 6 debuffs
- Olympiad validation period every 1 week.
- PvP Reward.
- Security pin for characters.
- PC Banc Point System. (Enables you to buy accesoryes)                         
- C1 - C6 Skills Fully Working.
- Fully working C6 Olympiad & Sieges.
- Ballanced class & skills.
- Augmentation working.
- Grandbosses Fully working.
- Cheat Protection to avoid illegal actions such as wearing overenchanted items.
- Anti-KS System. The player who gets the drop is the one with the most damage, and not the one with the last hit.
- Cursed Weapon System (Zariche and Akamanah).
- Balanced Classes & Skills.
- Working Geodata.
- 90% Working Skills. (Value are from real tests.)
- 80% Working Augmentation. (Value are from real tests.)
- 100% Working Fusion Skills. (Value are from real tests.)
Everything I wrote above is a short description which shows the main features of the server, to discover all server features you have to join in the biggest L2Auvoria World !


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