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Arena 200x SUBSTACK
-=Custom NPCs=-
Arena Trader:
-Dynasty Set
-Arena Coin
-Tattoo (Fighter, Mage)
-Tattoo Empowered
-Gold Exchange
-Raid Boss Jewels.
Arena Helper-
-Class Changer
-Quest items selling
-=Main Zones=-
-Pavel Ruins:
Yellow Stones, Silver Stone and Top LS
-Monastery of Silence:
Main Mats For Equipment
-Primeval Isle:
Highest adena drop
-=Custom Featurs=-
-Substack system: Main class + Second class (only same race).
-Raid Boss:
-Longhorn Golkonda - Aden - Tower of Insolence 11
-Raid Boss = Krapfen Longhorn - Hunters Village - Angel Waterfall
-Raid Boss = Karavik Longhorn - Orc Village - Immortal Plateau Southern Region
-Raid Boss = Meridok Longhorn - Elven Village - Elven Fortress
-Raid Boss = Sunmork Longhorn - Heine Village - Aligator Island


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