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Share Lineage 2 Ultimate Client Collection (+Systems)

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In this particular topic I will share, or at least try to share all released Lineage 2 clients so far. Most of them will be NA (or later EU) versions. Some of them might be in another localization (eg. KR, if they are KR exclusive only, or if I miss the NA or EU counterpart).   Remaining Missing Clients for Passwords to go Free For All: *  - Korean Freya Anniversary Client (High Five Part 1 Anniversary Login Screen)  - Korean Epeisodion Live Client (Woman with Sword Login Scr

- Glory Days added   //Edit   - Lindvior added

22_22 is giran arena.   the other map names represent arena names such as execution ground arena or aden arena and so on.. i can look ito them. will tell you in some minutes     EDIT:       here they are:  

On 7/26/2020 at 2:53 AM, capule7 said:

Korean Classic Age of Splendor Client (Baium Login Screen)

I don't think it was an official login screen, but a fanmade one  , the original video was produced by  Nakki_D







Its an epic login screen by the way, but I'm pretty sure that its not a client modification or oficial files, but a video made by a fan.

--- edit --


Someone send me that video that proof that is actualy a game file and the l2classic.club has it



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On 9/4/2020 at 11:52 AM, Pastorious said:

A topic  that requires a password that the author does not want to provide to forum users should not be pinned

first of all read the description

and secondly...


I decided to share all pws since nobody ever will be that kind to look for the missing ones. So here you go. You can find all passwords in the first topic. have fun ;)


I think i wont update this topic anymore, but a mod can if he/she wants ^^

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